How Explaining Gaps in Your Employment

by placers on September 1, 2017 in Career Advice, Job Search Tips, Workforce


It is nerve-racking enough to be sitting in front of a hiring manager; now imagine being asked about a gap between employment on your resume. Your heart may sink, hands get sweaty, but why?

You couldn’t hide the fact you there was a space between employment. It could be the lack of preparedness you have when this question is asked. Being prepared for this type of question will settle the tension you may get when asked about it.

First, remember do not get nervous. Interviewers ask these questions for better understanding of who you are. They also know that there are several reasons for why people have spaces between employment.

Most employers won’t ask if the if the space between jobs is only about 1 or 2 months. It becomes an area of concern when the gap is longer than 5 months.

Now there are many reasons most if not all employers will understand.

Some of those reasonings are:

  • Transition between jobs
  • Vacation
  • Family reason (having a child, stay-at-home parent, adopting a child, death, being a caretaker)
  • Health reasons
  • Education
  • Volunteer work
  • Internships

   If you needed a break for a difficult and personal reason, keep your explanation brief and professional. Over sharing information can give interviewers the wrong impression of the quality person you are and stay focused on the positive aspects of your work history. Also be 100% honest. This is your best time to build your trust with a potential employer.   

   An interview can be stressful, especially knowing your have gaps within your work history, but being prepared, staying positive, and being honest will set you up for a great interview and a possible start to at a new job.

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  1. varad says:

    Great post! I have been looking for this information and some tips on how can i explain my employment gap of one year because of some family problems.I Know if i can explain it well during interview then it will surely increase my chances of getting job.Thanks a lot for sharing these tips and guide, will be so helpful with this!!

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