8 Social media secrets every job seeker should know

by placers on August 11, 2017 in Culture, Job Search Tips


Social media influence has made it an indispensable tool for many job seekers. However, a combination of tact and wit is essential to leverage on the social media advantage in the job market. To start with work on your social media profile to reflect your career objectives. Today most employers will match your resume with your social media presence to determine if you are a good fit.

These are 8 social media secrets every job seeker should know;

Create a detailed profile

First, begin with setting up a social profile. A detailed profile introduces you to the staffing agency or employment agency. It relays basic information that identifies you, the job seeker, and your skill set. Use your real names in full and set up a clear profile picture. Remember to include personal interests that will allow you to connect with the staffing agency recruiter. Ensure your profile is professional, consistent and can be publicly viewed.

Use SEO optimized words and phrases

SEO optimized words and phrases ensure your profile is visible to staffing and employment agencies in search engine results. Ensure your profile includes keywords and phrases that employers often search for. Recommendations and endorsements also help boost one’s profile higher up in the search results.

Follow niche sites on social media

Narrow down and focus on sites which are exclusively in your industry. Niche sites are a great tool for job seekers to find job postings in their desired industry. Such sites include marketing/PR jobs and jobs in tech. These sites offer relevant job postings both temporary and permanent.

Be an active online participant

Actively find a social community that fits your career needs and actively participate in it. Every once in a while, using your profile, post relevant articles in your line of specialization. ‘Like’ articles that have been posted by others. Write and publish your articles and have them posted on social media sites.

Keep an updated profile

Don’t get lazy; keep your profile accurate and up to date. Your profile is your first impression to recruiters and staffing agencies; keep it updated to make it worthwhile. Make use of editorial calendars and scheduling tools to keep you on track. They help one stay organized and achieve set deadlines and objectives.

Adopt a sharing culture

Social media is a sharing medium. Building a brand involves sharing of information in the form of blog posts and industry related posts. What information should one share? For starters since you are a job seeker begin by sharing job ads, your blog posts, new stories with industry relevance, company culture videos and social posts from the industry’s leaders. The more you, share the more shares you will likely get in return. Apart from sharing, engage with your audience using questions and comments.

Network with industry influencers

Social media is one of the best ways to market and advertise. As a job seeker, you are marketing yourself as a representation of a brand. Unfortunately, too much of anything is harmful; shy away from too much self-promotion. Make a point of connecting with influencers who can grow your brand. Influencers not only command a great audience but a co-sign or mention from them would propel you to greater professional heights in the social media scene.

Follow up when offline

Lastly, follow up on jobs. The main objective is to get a job; therefore, it is your duty to follow up promising leads. For example when you get to connect with a potential recruiter and fit the profile he needs; it is your job to follow up. Make a point of calling, keep things professional and inquire about the position and your suitability for the said post. This shows that you are serious about the position.

Embrace and transform social media into a powerful job seeking tool. Brush up your profile and find your way to your dream job.

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