2023 Proactive Success Strategies

Culture Leads Our Steps – We Do It Differently

We’re ALL STILL entangled in a public health crisis and its aftermath. Who would have predicted that a hundred-year event would affect supply chain, employment behaviors, wages, unemployment numbers, workforce supply and demand, and ignite inflation?


We didn’t predict it, but we studied it, and continue to study it, so Placers curated
proactive success strategies.


We integrate our embedded operating philosophies with relevant problem-solving
measures that address the job market as it uniquely unfolds.


Placers was reminded that it had everything it needed to thrive during this period of
uncertainty. We literally wrote the book on it!


We are the consultant to business and coach to workforce. We’ll develop customized, proactive, innovative, problem-solving strategies that inspire profound change in your enterprise.

It’s not what an organization does.

It’s “how” it does it.

2023 Strategies:


    We come to you you with a blank sheet of paper, a clean slate. We listen to learn about your specific needs and goals. It’s our intention to form a trust-based relationship with you by sharing our 50-year ascendancy story and navigate you to success.

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