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At Placers Professional, we understand that your organization’s success begins with your people. Hardworking job seekers? You need a position that energizes you every morning and someone in your corner to help you find it. We’ve made it our mission to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and thriving organizations. Our team of experts and our commitment to going above and beyond sets us apart.


The current job market is unlike any other, and we’ve adapted to meet its unique challenges. Our pivot involves expanding into new markets, nurturing existing relationships, and re-engaging with the communities we’ve served for over half a century. Through problem-solving, custom hiring solutions, relevant services, and dynamic partnerships, Placers Professional has evolved into an integral complement to Placers, Delaware’s full-service staffing industry leader for more than five decades.


At the heart of Placers Professional is a commitment to cultivating trust. We build meaningful relationships with clients, prospective clients, and talent alike. What truly sets us apart is our passionate subject matter experts, who serve not just as dedicated consultants to businesses, but as passionate coaches to the workforce.


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