The Placers Story

Fifty-One Years Later

Our story began more than a half a century ago in 1972 when a young entrepreneur named Alan Burkhard who was frustrated with the status quo and doing things because “that’s how they’ve always been done,” Alan knew he had to channel his energy into an outlet that would truly make a difference.


Maybe it was the entrepreneurial spirit of his father and grandfather running through his veins, a dash of mad genius, or a little of both, but when Alan identified a stark gap between the talent Delaware businesses needed and what they could find, he set out to change the staffing game – Placers was born.


Built on the principle of providing superior customer service to both clients and candidates, Placers led the Delaware staffing industry for over 20 years.

Placers Today

The world of work is continuously evolving, and businesses need a workforce partner that is never late to the game. Driven by the same entrepreneurial rush as his father, Alan’s son, Chris Burkhard, has propelled Placers into a new era with Total Talent Solutions.


Placers’ Total Talent Solutions provide businesses with workforce support that evolves with their needs. Whether businesses are seeking a few temp workers, direct hire talent, an entire contingent workforce, or a little of everything, Placers delivers.


Today, just as yesterday, Placers is a well-known name throughout Delaware and its surrounding areas. When businesses need talent, and talent needs good work, they look for the familiar orange letters of Placers, and the exceptional support they know waits on the other side.

Outside-In® is Placers business philosophy, culture, mindset, structure, planning process, value system, service mentality and the day-to-day operating roadmap

What it means

to be Outside-In®

Ever since the moment all of our service offerings joined under the Outside-in® roof, everything that we do stays true to our Outside-In® culture – a set of values that make up what it means to be part of the Placers family. Our business was built upon one core idea: whatever we do, we must do it exceptionally. Every small task has a chance to make a big impact. And we owe it to our clients, candidates, communities, and to ourselves to set a new standard for excellence. It’s our Outside-In® culture that enables us to be flexible, results driven, customer centric, empathetic, and change makers.

Everyone is a Leader

Each of us is empowered to be a leader and do our part to make a difference and inspire change. No limitations, no secrets, and no red tape.

Results Driven

We strive to hit our goals – outcomes and achievements that our customers set based on their unique objectives.

Risk Takers

We are willing to step out of our comfort zone. We use our collective intelligence to solve problems, weigh outcomes, and take calculated risks.

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Service to the Nth Degree

We go above and beyond to exceed expectations and constantly ask ourselves what we can do to provide service with no boundaries.


We are in it together. We work in a truly collaborative environment and always have someone available to lean on for support.

No Excuses

We admit when we’re wrong and take responsibility. We meet others more than halfway, putting emphasis on moving forward and fixing the issue at hand.

We’re proud of the bonds

we’ve built within our community

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