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Step outside of comfort zones – START YOUR JOURNEY

Outside Insights Podcast is a platform for sharing lessons and concepts curated to close personal gaps. At its core, it’s a community that recognizes there’s always progress to be made – big or small.


Everyone has lessons to share – from strategies for successful entrepreneurship, to how to live a balanced life – mind, body, and soul.


Meet host Chris Burkhard, servant leader, coach, entrepreneur, educator, mountain man, and Owner and President of Placers – a company recognized as Delaware’s seventh fastest-growing business in 2021 and one of Delaware’s 50 fastest growing businesses. He is also the 2020 Delaware Small Business Person of the Year.


Chris is also a man who trekked up the glacial landscape of Mt. Rainier – a bucket-list climb cut short by Mother Nature. At 11,500 feet, severe weather forced his team to hunker down, while enduring frigid temperatures, high winds, and pelting ice and snow. The hostile climate ultimately compelled the adventurers’ descent. He was left forever changed with a life-altering experience embraced only by those who dare to step outside of their comfort zones.


Chris rises to challenges. He and the Outside Insights Podcast Production Team are ready for you. Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and start a conversation about your journey?

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