Temporary Staffing

Our flexible temporary staffing services have you covered

When your business needs support, you don’t have time to wait through lengthy recruiting processes. With Placers, you don’t have to.


Whether you need one employee for one day or an entire team for several months, our temporary staffing specialists will quickly connect you with qualified candidates from our wide network of talent.


No heavy lifting from your team or recruitment delays – just talent ready to get to work.

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Our job is to make yours easier

Here’s how:

Placers dedicated service
Dedicated Service

Building a high-functioning team is a critical task that takes strategy, resources, and time. We’ll do it all so you can get back to what you do best.

Placers continuous training
Continuous Training

Don’t worry about a training curve, leave that to us. As a Coach to the Workforce, we work closely with our associates during their placement, providing the guidance and training they need to be star performers.

Placers flexible
Flexible Solutions

Business isn’t always predictable. Our staffing services are designed to flex along with your evolving workforce demands. You don’t have to sweat it.

Placers quality talent
Quality Talent

Your operations depend on quality talent. Our recruiters have expert knowledge in the industries we hire for, ensuring we’ll only connect you with qualified candidates.

Which industries are you searching for temp or temp-to-hire talent?


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