Placers Cares



Placers Cares serves the mid-Atlantic community by supporting the underserved through fundraising activities.


Placers Cares sponsors, in whole or in part, philanthropic community outreach programs that assist children and adults in need. Additionally, Placers Cares comes to the aid of those who require job skills that allow them to contribute to society. We liaise with enterprises that offer job-preparation training on many levels. 


As the nonprofit division of Placers Staffing of Delaware, we’re positioned to help charitable organizations with their fulfillment needs including (but not limited to) obtaining funds for adaptive fitness equipment for those with special needs, collecting food and other household items for the less fortunate, and providing job-readiness training to job seekers.

Our Mission

The mission of Placers Cares, Inc. is to significantly improve the careers, lives and well-being of adults and children in the community through events, education, and training opportunities.

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There are three ways to support placers cares:

volunteer, sponsor, donate.

We come to you you with a blank sheet of paper, a clean slate. We listen to learn about your specific needs and goals. It’s our intention to form a trust-based relationship with you by sharing our 50-plus-year story. ascendancy story and navigate you to success.