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Self-Acceptance Everyday and the Holidays

by Noel Benson on November 23, 2022 in Outside Insights


  I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can live my best life: Do I have good habits? In what areas can I improve?  Is my morning routine optimized? Did I meditate three times this week? Did I go through my ten-point morning checklist? Is it […]

WDEL Interview 11/17/2022

by placers on November 17, 2022 in WDEL Radio


Placers President Chris Burkhard joined WDEL’s Peter MacArthur this week to talk about the current job market as we start to get into the holiday season. Chris discusses not only the unemployment numbers that are reported but also what the midterm election outcomes can have on the economy overall. Pete asked Chris about the headlines […]

A Sit Down With Eric Herronkohl – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #26

by Noel Benson on November 11, 2022 in Outside Insights


You’ll glean valuable information and smile too when listening to lifelong friends, colleagues, and authors Eric Herronkohl and Chris Burkhard during this week’s episode of Outside Insights Podcast as they discuss: staying in front of workplace challenges finding “A Players” developing personally and professionally gaining congruence between personal and professional “self” benefiting from hyper focus […]

Build Trust and Keep Promises to Impact Relationships

by placers on October 28, 2022 in Outside Insights


Service is why I founded Placers. Our purpose (why I get out of bed), is to create trustworthy, “Nth Degree” experiences for everyone we interact with. One of the annual projects that brings me the most joy and satisfaction is selecting a theme for the year. At Placers, we’re pretty practiced at it. Personally, I’ve […]

Opposite The Crowd – Chapter 1 – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #25

by Noel Benson on October 14, 2022 in Outside Insights


Culture driven is the philosophy of a planned way of thinking that guides your professional and personal life, according to Alan and Chris Burkhard, authors of “Opposite The Crowd.” In their new book, the Burkhards deep dive into creating the culture-driven life you want, with no limitations, where risk is rewarded and where the results […]

WDEL Interview 10/6/2022

by placers on October 6, 2022 in WDEL Radio


WDEL’s Peter MacArthur had Placers President Chris Burkhard on today to talk about how jobs are being effected with the current economic changes and interest rates raises that have been in the news recently. Chris shares thoughts on how to best leverage yourself for career growth as we enter the fall season of 2022. He […]

50 Years in Words

by placers on September 30, 2022 in Outside Insights


Mash and the Waltons premiered on prime time TV the same month and year that the Placers story began. Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente crushed his 3,000 hit then, too. The 1972 Summer Olympics ceremoniously showered seven gold medals on US swimming sensation Mark Spitz (my mom’s favorite), and we all watched in horror […]

50 Principles for Year 50

by placers on September 2, 2022 in Outside Insights


In a few weeks, on September 26, Placers turns 50 years old. This year isn’t like any other year – it’s not comprised of same days. We’re not stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day.” In our fiftieth year, we’re having a distinct year, characterized by distinct days, and throughout, we remain resolute to our brand […]

Earned Fifth Ranking in Top Places To Work In Delaware

by placers on August 26, 2022 in News


Not only were we named as a Top Place To Work In Delaware, we were ranked fifth, which puts us in the nineteenth percentile! The honor is 100% an employee appreciation accolade and part of a partnership between the News Journal, part of the USA Today network, and Energage, a B Corp that helps leaders […]

A Sit Down With Megan Roudebush – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #24

by placers on August 19, 2022 in Outside Insights


In present, professional networking spaces, “careful, cautious, methodical relationship building” is the through-line of purposeful networking, said Megan Roudebush, founder, keepwith, an enterprise platform that helps the world network and build relationships better. In this week’s Outside Insights Podcast, Megan explained that sustainable networking requires reciprocity. She offers five, trending networking processes that deliver professional […]