Do You Have a Career Agent? You Should

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I’m going to share a little secret about your job and career. It’s a simple truth: You, and only you, are responsible for managing your career. This wasn’t always the case. Our grandparents lived in a world where careers were often linear and lifelong, with a single organization rewarding decades of loyalty with a gold watch as a symbol of their appreciation. But times have changed.


Today, we outlive companies as they are bought, sold, merged and closed or changed in ways we don’t fit or don’t want to be a part of. The speed of business is relentless, and staying afloat in such a competitive environment is challenging enough, let alone managing a career through it.


I have a dear friend who exemplifies the power of proactive career management. Over 26 years, she worked closely with a recruitment leader who helped guide her through four company changes, numerous geographical moves, and transitions to different roles. This was possible because of the trust she shares with her mentor and their deep understanding of her career narrative. The success she’s enjoyed speaks volumes about this approach. Like her, we all need that sounding board, someone to share ideas with, and occasionally, someone who can open doors for us.


You might wonder, “Shouldn’t I be managing my career on my own?” Think about it: We outsource so many aspects of our lives to experts — real estate, dental care, housekeeping. Why should career management be any different? Many of us rely on family, mentors, or workplace leaders, but there’s another option: a career agent.


What is a Career Agent Anyway?

A career agent is more than just a mentor or coach; they are a dedicated professional who understands your industry, your personal story, and your career aspirations. They offer tailored advice, whether you’re preparing for a performance review, negotiating a raise, or contemplating a job change.


They’re also there to help with practical aspects like refining your resume, honing interview skills, or building your network. But more importantly, they encourage proactive career management. Instead of updating your resume only when a job is at risk, a career agent helps you keep it current. You should update your resume every 90 days. It’s much easier to write down your wins while they are fresh!


Finding Your Career Agent

Selecting a career agent is a significant step. Look for industry leaders or professionals whose work you admire. This person could be a coach, HR professional, recruiter, or consultant. When choosing your agent, consider:


– Industry knowledge: How well do they understand your field?

– Alignment with your needs: Do their advice and style resonate with you?

– Long-term engagement: Are they prepared to be a part of your journey for the long haul?

– Coaching style: What kind of counsel do you respond to best?


After you have people in mind, schedule meetings, interview potential agents, and determine who best fits your needs!


The bottom line: Managing a career in today’s fast-paced world is daunting. A career agent can be a pivotal resource in navigating this journey. They offer more than advice; they provide a partnership for growth and success.


For more insights on finding a career agent, check out our podcast episode on this topic in “Opposite the Crowd,” available in audio, paperback, and e-book formats.


Remember, the path to career success is rarely walked alone. Find your guide, your mentor, your career agent, and take control of your journey. I know I have more than a few career agents I’ve looked up to along my journey.


Until next time, friends.


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