5 Ways to Keep Candidates Engaged During a Job Search

by placers on November 15, 2016 in Workforce


Matching strong candidates with suitable temporary assignments can sometimes take longer than expected, and keeping promising applicants invested and engaged in your placement process can be challenging. With that in mind, the following five steps are key to maintaining engaged, interested candidates throughout your matchmaking process.

1. Explain the process clearly upfront

An important element in keeping candidates warm and engaged in your process is being transparent about what they can expect from you at every stage. By outlining your placement methods and timing expectations, you can help build an aura of trustworthiness and professionalism that encourages strong candidates to stay invested. In initial conversations with applicants, describe the steps of your placement process, how long placements typically take and when applicants can expect to receive updates.

2. Keep to any promised communication deadlines

Once you have outlined what candidates can expect during your process, sticking to any communication deadlines is critical. One of the main reasons that candidates lose interest in an assignment is due to a lack of updates; qualified applicants are likely to move on to other opportunities in the face of radio silence from a recruiter, particularly if they have failed to receive an expected update. Even if you don’t have much new information to report, reach out to candidates who expect to hear from you, if only to keep your placement at the front of their minds.

3. Be easily accessible

When dealing with dozens of potential candidates applying for multiple job openings, it is easy to let communication fall by the wayside. One of the simplest ways to create a positive impression with candidates, however, is to respond to e-mails and phone calls quickly and thoughtfully. Demonstrating that you run an organized process and remain interested despite a busy schedule encourages candidates to remain engaged themselves.

4. Provide candidates with worthwhile feedback

Giving strong job applicants meaningful feedback on their candidacy can help build relationships and give candidates a reason to recommend your business to their network. Similar to keeping communication promises, delivering honest feedback on where a candidate stands in the process and how they might improve their chances helps build trust and gives candidates a reason to stay engaged.

5. Invest in building relationships with candidates

While it is always important talent acquisition professionals to cultivate relationships with its candidates, the need to do so is even greater for recruiters handling temporary staffing. Even if one assignment is ultimately not a fit, keeping applicants warm and interested in your firm is the best way to grow a roster of talented individuals to fill future temp jobs. Continue to reach out to strong candidates to see where they are in their job search process; creating an ongoing dialogue that can set you apart from other recruiters.

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