Is Your Staffing Brand Known to the Workforce?

by placers on November 8, 2016 in Workforce


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3 million employees were on temporary payroll in October. However, a vast majority of job seekers don’t think to take advantage of the services of a staffing firm, and try to find employment on their own So how can you spread the word to potential candidates about your business, and attract more job seekers?

People Power: If people are constantly telling you about an excellent product, chances are you will want to try the product out for yourself. The same is true for job seekers when it comes to staffing firms. When candidates are trying to advance or change their career, they want to be confident about the agency they choose to work with while looking for their next career or opportunity. Therefore, a referral from a trusted associate or close friend can be very powerful. If a job seeker knows others who have had a positive experience working with a staffing firm, someone in their circle will be more likely to do the same. Therefore, a referral program can really set your business apart, encouraging current placements and temps to recommend your staffing firm to his her network.

Consistency: If you want your brand to perspective candidates to be strong, its important to focus on consistency and transparency. In every single interview and meeting, recruiters must focus on the candidate experience. Your brand should be the philosophy for your company, not just an idea or concept. When it comes to reputation, it is vital to provide the most genuine experience possible. You want your brand to communicate the culture that meets the needs of job seekers and instills trust. Be sure you always deliver when it comes to brand promises. Consistency and transparency will boost word-of-mouth referrals and retention rates.

Be Unique: Most staffing firms provide the same service, but don’t provide the same level of service. This is where reputation and brand carries the most weight. Be sure to always go the extra mile when it comes to training job seekers and placing them with clients. The Holiday season is especially strong for the temporary market, and potential candidates are searching for the best fit to earn extra income. Remember, candidates who have a great experience parting with recruiters will become repeat candidates.

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