How Staffing Adds Value to your Manufacturing and Warehouse Hiring Process

by placers on November 22, 2016 in Workforce


Finding reliable staff to fill positions in a manufacturing and warehouse environment can be a challenge for growing companies. Having quality workers to carry the workload on every shift is imperative to make sure products are reaching customers on the day and time they are expected. However, a staffing firm that specializes in this specific type of hiring can add a huge amount of value to the process and your organization.

Better Talent: The first area in the process that a staffing firm adds value in is targeted recruiting. Jobs in the light industrial industry tend to attract a large pool of job applicants. A staffing firm will help narrow down this applicant pool considerably and send to you a select group of candidates for evaluation. In addition, a staffing firm has knowledge of employees who are not actively actively searching and applying to postings, which can open up the candidate pool to a larger more qualified group of applicants.

Pre-assessed: A staffing firm that specializes in light industrial recruitment will also have a solid assessment testing program in place to ensure the candidate has the physical qualifications to fill the position. Many light industrial jobs require solid hand-eye coordination in addition to manual and precision dexterity, and staffing agency with experience has a solid set of tests that all applicants are required to pass prior to being placed in the employment pool. With the staffing firm taking this important step off of your plate, you will be able to focus on other important factors such as making sure the candidate is the right culture fit.

Hiring Spikes: Many warehouse and manufacturing companies are often stretched thin on a seasonal basis due to increased demand for the product. Having a long term relationship with a staffing agency will help you fill the temp jobs during your seasonal spikes in demand. By building a solid relationship with a temporary staffing firm you can rest assured that the temporary employees they provide during the season will be a good fit for your organization, having a strong sense of company culture and values.


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