Why More Employers are Looking to Temp-to-Hire Solutions

by placers on January 21, 2015 in Staffing, Workforce


With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that temporary workers are at an all time high, it’s no secret that many employers are looking to temporary workers for many different reasons. Companies that are new to staffing firms often ask what the benefit is of using an agency for temp-to-hire employees. Here are the top 3 reasons why companies are going temp-to-hire:

  • Flexibility.  Many companies use temporary staff to solve hiring needs without making long-term decisions. By utilizing a temp-to-hire approach, companies can save on both time and cost.
  • A-Players. Temp-to-hire workers are often eager to work and build their skill set. Candidates look to please employers and do good work in order to be considered for a more permanent role.
  • Prevent employee burnout. Hiring temporary staff to assist your core team can help ease stress and prevent employee burnout.

In addition to these employer benefits, candidates can also find that temp-to-hire positions have perks for them as well:

  • Flexible schedule. Many temporary positions offer flexible hours or customizable schedules. Candidates have the ability to enjoy the freedom of creating their own hours to maximize their work day.
  • Gain experience and expand skill set. Working a temporary position is a great way to quickly learn new skills and gain experience in various industries.
  • Grow professional network. In a new environment, candidates have the chance to meet likeminded business professionals and expand their network.
  • Practice. Working with a staffing firm can help you practice interviewing and give some first-hand insight on the hiring process, giving a candidate a competitive advantage.
  • Growth. With temp-to-hire positions, a candidate has the potential to be on-boarded permanently with the company.

If you’re an employer looking to implement a temporary staffing solution or a candidate looking for your next challenge, we can help. Drop us a line at

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