2015: The Year of the Temp

by placers on January 6, 2015 in Workforce


A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder showed that US employers are planning to hire more temporary workers this year than last.  The survey also illustrated that 56 percent of employers plan to transition many temps to full-time employees. On top of that, results showed 36 percent of employers are gearing up to add full-time, permanent workers—the best outlook for the workforce in 9 years.

What does this mean for employers?

– A more competitive environment for recruiting talent

– Higher wage negotiations

– The ability to assess temporary employees before deciding to onboard them full time

What does this mean for temporary employees/job seekers?

– Varied available positions

– More opportunity to achieve full-time employment

– Top positions opening: Sales, Customer Service, and IT

– Greater employment demand=higher compensation levels (82 percent of employers said they will be increasing wages for existing employees and another 64 percent will be offering higher starting salaries for new employees)

With this exciting time in the marketplace, we can expect to see the temporary worker on the rise and a booming number of positions open up! Other projected changes in the workplace include: open office spaces, stricter requirements on skill level and education background for applicants, and an increase in minimum wage by 2 or more dollars an hour.

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