Placers Presents: What The Latest Hiring Trends Mean For Job Hunters

by placers on October 31, 2018 in Workforce


Every job hunter needs to stay in touch with the emerging hiring trends to increase their chances of getting employed. Those that are currently looking for jobs have a hard time convincing employers that they are the best candidates for specific positions. This is because there are plenty of job hunters and employers can hardly decide on the right talents. Seeking the help of a staffing agency may be a good idea. Where possible, find a company that is offering temporary staffing. Work to achieve permanent status. Temp jobs may be easier to find than permanent ones.

How Does the Job Market Look?

The rate of unemployment in America continues to reduce. This means that the job market is hot. This, however, stands for the national average. It does not represent the situation in specific regions. Some parts of the country have a higher or a lower employment rate. People with college degrees experience a lower rate of unemployment than those without one. Those who did not complete high school education have a high rate of employment. At least 1.2 million citizens have been unemployed or at least 27 weeks. They make up for 19% of the unemployed population.

Hiring Trend to Watch Out For and Their Impact

Hiring trends are always changing and the workplace is constantly changing. In the past, people relied solely on paper resumes and in-person applications to get their information across to their employers. Technology has changed that. It is now possible for people to send their resumes and job applications through the internet.

Companies are seeking out employees who can offer them unique benefits. Having basic skills is no longer enough. A job seeker should be able to offer services that others cannot. Employees are also striving to provide their employees with benefits that match their daily lives. Some of them, for example, may allow employees to bring their pets to work. This trend makes it possible for job seekers to find jobs which allow them to work at their convenience

In the past, employers communicated with job seekers strictly through email or phone calls. That is quickly changing as they adopt texting as a mode of communication when they need to pass messages or confirm interviews. Jobseekers should, however, be careful with this trend. It is appropriate only when it has been initiated by the recruiter. This trend facilitates fast communication between job seekers and their possible employees.

Passive hiring is becoming more and more popular. This means that recruiters are seeking out candidates who did not directly apply for a job. They may even seek out people that are not necessarily looking for a job at the moment. They identify the best candidates for a job and reach out to them. They may do that with the help of an employment agency. This means that qualified job seekers can find jobs that they did not even know about. It is, therefore, important for job seekers to avail their qualifications on social media platforms in order to attract potential employers.

Companies are using blind resume screening. The software hides information about a candidate that may cause bias. It ensures that the interviewers focus on the merit of an interviewee and not their name, college, or any other non-issues. This trend is an advantage for people whose names reveal their ethnicity. It favors job seekers from marginalized groups. They can now apply for job positions without the fear of discrimination.

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