Placers Presents: How to make the most of your work experience placement.

by placers on November 29, 2018 in Workforce


Millennials have redefined and reshaped the job market environment, entirely. In stark contrast with the previous generations who were mostly motivated by the paychecks, millennials are interested in gaining unique experiences on top of that paycheck. The new generations are seeking engaging jobs where they get to have regular conversations and feedback from their bosses. Ideally, they feel the need to be appreciated rather than be treated as expendable staff. Here’s how to make the most of your work experience placement.

What Do You Look For?

Today, staffing agencies have had to go back to the drawing board to re-evaluate their strategies. As a millennial seeking a fulfilling and truly rewarding job, it’s imperative you liaise with an astounding employment firm for assured results. You are looking to partner with a company that has a high employee retention rate within their ranks. What’s the use of selecting a staffing firm that can’t even retain their staff for a month or two?

 Asking the Right Questions

A quality agency knows the right questions to ask the prospective clients. These questions often border on pertinent issues such as your employment history and your salary expectations heading into that new job. Additionally, the headhunters enlighten the prospective job seekers on the history and culture of the company they are looking to be placed at. That knowledge makes it easier for the employee to transition in and fit in comfortably at their new jobs.

Choosing Networked Agencies

It is important you deal with the most established recruitment agencies for resounding results. Such companies have over the years amassed a wealth of information and data guaranteed to make your job hunt an effortless pursuit. Over the years, these companies must have learned of the best and worst companies to send recruits to in their particular area. Make great use of the valuable networks created by the veteran agencies, and you’ll never have to worry about getting recruited by a bogus employer.


The world of staffing has in recent years become flooded by unscrupulous dealers. Some firms are notorious for taking their clients for an expensive jolly ride. These staffers claim to have the necessary networks to ensure you get absorbed by the best companies in town, but in essence, it’s all hogwash. Be extra careful with the staffing company you select to avoid such costly frustrations. Take your time to carefully perform a comprehensive background research on the company you have in mind. Visit their official business premises and check out their online presence to find out more about their credibility.

How Much Do You Pay?

After you’ve ticked off on the poignant aspects of the staffing agency like their licensing, authority and transparency, it’s time to talk costs. Different agencies have their unique rates for placements. It is in your best interest to insist on doing business with an agency that offers a blend of value for money and quality. In other words, don’t always insist on selecting the least priced firm on the table; instead, go for that agency that has competitive rates and a solid track-record for surpassing the needs of their clients.

Signing a Contract

It is important to sign a contract with the staffing company before chucking out your money. That contract should clearly outline pertinent aspects such as the costs agreed upon and most importantly, how soon you will receive an interview for that temporary staffing job with an amazing employer.

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