The 4 Steps to Building an Effective Job Search

by placers on September 29, 2017 in Workforce


In Delaware (as with anywhere) finding a new job is a test of patience and fortitude, even if you use an employment agency. Very few aspects of job hunting are fun or enjoyable, so you have to prepare yourself if you want to have success. With four basic steps, you can build a plan for your job search that keeps you on target and helps you avoid classic mistakes.

Get Your Head in the Game

Sometimes, you stumble into the right job at the right time and your entire job search is extremely painless. If you’re the main character in a movie. Realistically, finding a good job requires patience, diligence, and discipline. Whether you are out of work or looking for an upgrade, job searches can be mentally taxing and draining. One of the most important tricks is to prepare for rejection. It’s difficult to do, but you have to look at rejections as opportunities. When you see which companies don’t hire you and why you can refine your search criteria for better results. It’s also important to remember that many jobs out there are miserable. If a company turns you down, you may be dodging a bullet. Mostly, if you’re prepared for a long, grinding job search, you’ll just be pleasantly surprised when you get a real offer.

Update Your Professional Image

Sometimes applying for jobs makes you feel like a dog at a show. You have to strut around and put yourself on display. Make sure what is visible is the best you can show. This starts with an updated resume. Remember, resumes should be customized for each application. You can make your life easier by sticking to a basic template. Your work history and credentials aren’t changing each time you apply; you can just adopt a few of the specifics for each application. Just as important, do some spring cleaning on your social media. Employers are far more likely to Google you than they are to actually call your references. If they find an endless stream of your most debauchery-filled photos, it’s going to hurt your chances.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

This is probably the most important step. The other things help you when you make contact, but it is the rigorous schedule that will actually find your next job. You don’t have to be on the prowl 24/7, but you need to be actively pursuing your next job every day. Breaking your search into different tasks can help you stay motivated and efficient. Some days might be visiting offices or businesses in person while others are spent looking for ways to sharpen your skills, education or expertise online. Even a deliberate networking lunch can be a part of your job search. The rules here are to set aside intentional time for each thing you know you must do and treat that time like you are already clocking in.


Following up on job applications is an art form. You don’t want to be pushy or needy but you want to show interest. When in doubt, consider the once-a-week policy. Make sure you are in contact with the hiring manager or recruiter about once every week. Consistency will make an impact, but you won’t be flooding them with annoying messages.

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