5 Ways to Stand Out with a Cover Letter

by placers on November 9, 2017 in Career Advice, Job Search Tips


Everyone knows that sometimes it is super hard to stand out in a crowd. This is especially true in the world of temporary staffing and that’s why it’s such a good idea to impress with your first opportunity. While your resume is more of a factual document that you’ll present to your staffing agency and potential employers, your cover letter is the perfect opportunity for you to shine and show a bit of personality. Follow these simple rules to make sure your cover letters stand out for all the right reasons.


5 Ways to Create a Memorable Cover Letter


Keep It Short and Sweet

When it comes to finding the right person for the job, Delaware employers have plenty of candidates to consider. Too many details in your cover letter can take away from your resume. Make sure your cover letter is a short, concise introduction to you and what you offer.

Speak Directly  

You’d be surprised at how many people send out a cover letter without verifying the appropriate contact name at the company! Never use a blanket greeting like “To whom it may concern” or “Dear [Company Name].” If you weren’t given their name, you can look up their info online or even call the company to get the name of the hiring manager. With a personalized letter, the company will see that you are resourceful and have taken the time to do your homework. Win-win.

Be Bold

When you’re fighting for a position and want to stand out from others at the employment agency, always leave room to call out your achievements. Give a brief summary of any leadership positions you have previously held, relevant awards and highlight your advanced skill sets in your cover letter. When drafting your cover letter it’s best to stick with the old rule of quality over quantity, so highlight relevant achievements and move on.

Do Your Homework

Review the company and the position you’re applying for to get a better idea of the business and their current operations. Reference this info in your letter as one of the reasons you’d be the ideal candidate for the open position. When you show that you understand the business and you can already see yourself in a role there, you’ll be a head above other applicants. For an extra punch, always refer to the company by name instead of using “your company,” which makes you sound like you don’t really care where you end up working.

No Mistakes

While most temp jobs in Delaware don’t require you to be an active member of the grammar police, you should never send out a letter with mistakes. The company you’re writing to does not know you, so it’s best not to assume that they’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Mistakes like typos, incorrect names, confusing grammar and even poor formatting can make your letter stick out for all the wrong reasons. So make sure you take the time to proofread and edit before sending it out to employers.

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