Thank you to the year 2020

by placers on December 23, 2020 in Outside Insights


Only in 2020 would we run out of Christmas trees! Yes, 12 foot pines are going for more than a grand if you can find one. We are all so desperate for some normalcy many started bringing in the holiday cheer a little early this year. We are all looking to lift our spirits, have a break from the realities of our times, and find the good in the holiday season.

As we wind down the year, I wanted to wish every member of the Outside Insights and Placers community a warm season’s greetings. We are very proud as an organization to have helped so many people find work this year, to help them with their job search, and to assist many organizations find and manage talent in a roller coaster year.

My goal with Outside Insights has been to produce articles, posts and podcasts to help people who are ready to make steps towards living their best life. To close their gap between where you are and where you want to be in all facets of life, family, work and community. Sometimes, it’s the inspiration of hearing how someone else overcame a challenge that helps people find their own spark.

One thing we can all agree is that this year probably did not go as planned. The great unknown became the great reset, as fear was replaced with understanding and acceptance. And now great uncertainty is being replaced again – with hope. Followed by the dreamy notion of the roaring twenties. Will history repeat itself?

Even as I can’t wait for the door to hit 2020 on the way out, some trends and ideas from this year are probably worth saying thank you and heck yes to.

  1. This is the year of the dog. Ziggy and Gracie, my two Aussie Pups think this is the greatest year ever. Many fur babies have gotten used to walks and conference calls or to joining the Zoom call for a chat. And the good news is that many, many dogs have been adopted this year and now have homes.
  2. This is the year to help others. I find sometimes the only way I have felt ok this year is when I am helping someone else in need. If you need a refresher on where to begin check this blog out.
  3. This is the year where diversity, inclusion and equity have finally taken center stage in this country. And I for one have been on quite a journey of knowledge as we help Placers strengthen our culture and commitment to inclusion with the right plans.
  4. This is the year to find some chill, peace and stillness. Whether you downloaded your calm app for meditation, or took up yoga, or figured out how to work out online. I am thankful for my new routines and I hope you stick with yours!
  5. This is the year of remote everything. Some good, some bad, and some ugly. The word asynchronous conjures up thoughts of anger and frustration to the parents or caregivers of remote learning children. Let’s face it now we know why the experts say multitasking does not work, now we know its difficult to be the best parent, teacher, leader and employee at the same scheduled time. That’s the bad of course. The good news is that many of us have been able to spend more time with family- more intentional video calls, kids home more, less busy for rubber chicken dinner and work travel. Planes and trains have been replaced with puzzles and backyard fire pits and s’mores!
  6. 2020 is also the year the unsung heroes who provide essential services were recognized for all that they do. Teachers, grocery store workers, healthcare, clinical and logistics and delivery drivers I salute you. We have proven we can survive squirreled away in our home offices, but only because of all of you.

Bottom line: This is the year to be thankful for what you do have. Perhaps it’s your health or your family members and friends. Your emergency fund or your 401(k) balance. Perhaps your business is still standing through shutdowns and restrictions. There are no guarantees in life and I simply remind all of us of the abundance of what we have kept this year.

At the end of the day, there are so many things to be grateful for. Thank you 2020, for reminding us all.

Until next year, friends. I am grateful for all of you.

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