Ask Yourself: Who needs what?

by placers on November 13, 2020 in Outside Insights


This is a quick and simple reminder to add value to your important relationships today.

I am sick and tired of politics and the divisive nature of the times. I am not right nor wrong for my views. Nor are you. And how I feel about you does not change when I disagree with you about any topic. Every blog, article or video right now is asking for unity and healing. I thought I could do my part too. I hope you will join me.

I was recently given a simple reminder about life from my Dad: Strive to make everyone’s day a little better than before they saw you/talked to you. This can actually be very easy to do, though it’s rarely done.

Take out a piece of paper or your laptop and make a list of key relationships in your life. All aspects of your life: Work, family, close friends, neighbors, running buddies, or folks you just see on the weekends.

As you reflect on these key relationships, ask yourself how do you create value? How do you help them or make their day a little brighter? How can you leave them better than before you interacted with them?

If you’re lucky enough to still have your mom in your life, when is the last time you called her? Or went to see her (mask on) to hang that picture for her or check on the car light that keeps coming on her dash? When is the last time you hand wrote a thank you card? Or thanked someone for simply being in your life?

Your plan is to leave everyone you meet better than before they met you. This isn’t just random acts of kindness, you decide who gets your energy.

If you’re a leader of people, this practice can be magic. Again, make a list of the folks you serve and ask yourself who needs what. Some folks will need your feedback to get better. Some just want to know that you’re there for them. Ask how they’re holding up and how their family is doing. Our job as leaders is to eliminate barriers and distractions for our people. Folks, in 2020 you have so many opportunities to help your people. Many leaders struggle to understand what to do or what their people need – but the answer is usually pretty simple. Just listen and act.

For all of us, our goal should be an easy one, how do I leave my relationship better today. You may not get it every day, but you can get it again the next. And the next. All it takes is the commitment to plan and try.

To be a more effective mother, father, husband, wife, neighbor, son or daughter, leader or employee:

  • Make a list of the important people in all aspects of your life.
  • Each day pick three and decide what you will or can do to leave them better after every interaction.
  • Try it.
  • Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.
  • When someone catches you doing something positive, teach them how to start their own value movement in their life.

2020 would end on a great note if everyone that reads this could forward to their community, family and friends. Is it too crazy to think we could start a movement of kindness? Let’s create this movement now. Who are you going to invite to join us?

By the way, Outside Insights is adding a new platform to our community – a podcast and video series. In our upcoming video, I sit down with my Dad to learn his lessons for life. I’m excited to bring them to you soon.

Until next time.

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