Prioritize Your Passions: Tech Leader to Creative Visionary. A Sit Down With Nick Wilkinson – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #37

by placers on September 29, 2023 in Outside Insights


In this episode Outside Insights, I sat down with Nick Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Wilkinson Advisory services. Prior to launching his own consulting firm, Wilkinson built a successful career spanning various industries and has collected multiple hats over the years, including CEO, entrepreneur, author, and filmmaker – more on that later.


Nick and I go way back. I first met Nick on the board of a non-profit when Nick was running a global IT firm. I was a young upstart on that board and I still recall the many business and life lessons I absorbed from him and many years later applied when I chaired the same organization.


In true Outside Insights fashion, we discussed Nick’s leadership philosophy, which he explains was shaped by his military background. Nick emphasized the value of servant leadership, where success is achieved through empowering and supporting others. This is a topic you know I’m already passionate about.


I always love catching up with Nick and not just because of his extensive leadership experience and stories of triumph and failures that we toss back and forth. No, what I enjoy most is Nick’s passion and the fact that he truly is a man of many talents.


Not many corporate CEOs can say they’ve also dabbled in scriptwriting and directing – but Nick can. During this episode of Outside Insights, we actually discussed one of Nick’s most exciting milestones yet, the launch of his short film, “The Fast Track Program”.


Inspired by his corporate career, the film encapsulates Nick’s personal anecdotes and lessons learned in a 12-minute story. “The Fast Track Program” is currently being submitted to film festivals, with upcoming plans for a public release.


With the little free time he has left, Nick cultivates his passion for cooking and soccer. In fact, his next creative endeavor, “Olde Boys,” is a soccer-related comedy centered around an old guys’ team from Pennsylvania. This reminds me of my own “old boys” hiking group, the Misfits.


I’m so excited to bring Nick’s story to you all today because it illustrates that your job is only one facet of life. You need to make sure to grow in other areas, too. You gravitate towards your passion for a reason – don’t ignore that call!


Until next time, friends.




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