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by placers on May 10, 2016 in Workforce


There’s lots of advice out there for job seekers for what to put on a resume, how to prep for an interview, what questions to ask during your interview, and so on. This advice is all very helpful, but sometimes you need specific advice for the role you’re applying for. Aren’t you always wondering what the recruiter is looking for? We polled our Staffing Specialists at Placers to give some advice to the applicants for the temporary roles they are recruiting for. Here is what they said for three of our top roles:

Sales Representative & Inside Sales Positions
Quantify your activities and accomplishments in the experience section of your resume. Tell us about the number of calls you make in a day or week or the number of times you hit your sales goals in the last month, quarter or year. Give us revenue figures that you were responsible for in your last/current position. We know the gist of your responsibilities, so listing them out does not give us an idea of the results you generated.

Administrative (Admin), Clerical and General Office Support Roles:
Be specific about what systems you’ve used and your proficiency level for each of them. General adjectives for your work style and personality traits are helpful, but we need to know details about your experience. Our clients work with certain systems and technologies and often require new hires to have specific experience. List them out by name and tell us if you’re an advanced, intermediate or beginner/novice user.

Legal Support Roles
Similar to above, but for legal administrator positions. Placers works with a lot of law firms that tell us an applicant MUST have experience with ELITE billing software, or other similar legal software. We search our database using these keywords to find potential candidates for a role. So if you don’t put relevant software in your resume, we may not be able to find you or match you to the available jobs.

Are you in search of any positions listed above? Update you’re resume using advice straight from the Staffing Specialists who will place someone in these roles. Then email the updated copy of your resume to

We’ll leave you with one more piece of general advice. Make sure the resume reflects your work history. We are always interviewing candidates who have great experience that relates to the position, but they did not list any of that experience on the resume. You might not always have the chance for a Staffing Specialist to pull this information out of you.

Hope this helps you in your job search. Let us know if you have any questions you’d like answered by emailing icanhelpyou (at)

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