Placers Presents: 9 Impeccable Tips for Making Temp Jobs Permanent

by placers on July 11, 2018 in Workforce


When companies, SMEs, and organizations need short-term employees, they’ll employ temp workers- also known as contractual workers, “temps,” consultants or freelancers. While there’s no guarantee of those positions parlaying into permanent ones, it’s not impossible if you play your cards right.

If you’re searching for work, a temp job is probably the best way to start. As a contract employee, you have the opportunity to be on the inside, giving you an added advantage over external candidates when competing for permanent jobs.

American firms hire close to 15 million temporary workers annually. Temp workers may miss benefits such as health insurance, job security, and paid leave. Fortunately, most temp jobs are turning into permanent ones now more than ever. Employers opt to hire this way to “try before buying.”

So, what can a temp do to increase the chances of getting employed full time? 

1.    Join with a great Attitude

Most job seekers who get hired as temporary employees are uncomfortable working in various organizations citing lack of motivation from short-term contracts. However, if you accept a temp job and begin with the right attitude, you appear self-motivated and determined. A manager may consider hiring you whenever there is a job vacancy.

2.    Network within your company

Networking is essential for landing on any job, and also applies if you’re on contract employment. Interact and mingle with key players. If you intend to get a permanent job, interacting with other professionals is paramount. They may recommend you for permanent employment when an opportunity arises.

3.    Explore other areas

Most people opt to stick to their roles when hired as temporary staff. Consider learning about other specialties in your company as it makes it hard for supervisors to let you go. Volunteer to participate in other departments projects even if you don’t get paid. You may get a permanent job offer.

4.    Make your interests known

Some temp workers lack the commitment necessary in a permanent job. If you don’t inform your boss of your interest in long-term engagement, they may assume that you enjoy short-term contracts. Make an effort to meet with your manager and ask to be considered for permanent employment before your contract elapses.

Usually, companies promote temp workers to permanent staff after a while. They assess an employee’s dedication and performance. If you work diligently, you can get a promotion within a short period.

5.    Be reliable

Any firm needs reliable employees. Report to work on time, communicate efficiently with other employees, and maintain high performance. If you are not punctual, an employer will be happy to see you go as soon as your contract expires.

6.    Prove your worth

You can show your value in different ways including through sales goals as it’s critical during annual appraisals. Help your colleagues achieve their goals; it makes you an excellent team player.

7.    Build relationships

Focus on building strong relationships with supervisors and colleagues. Be friendly to other people, assist them to understand the company, and learn their traits. Your colleagues may praise you for your outstanding skills and determination. They’re more likely to inform you of available opportunities in other organizations. It’s prudent to show them your value as a temp worker.

8.    Communication is key

As a short-term employee, be on good terms with everyone in your company. Maintain excellent communication by answering questions and submitting reports on time. Ask questions to understand your roles and responsibilities clearly.

9.    Workplace Culture

Observe your workplace and determine what is acceptable. Avoid making assumptions when you are uncertain. Instead, seek clarification to avoid violating any rule. The best way to turn a temp job into a full-time job is to perform superbly and fit in the company, its values, and culture.

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