Placers Presents: Why Millennials Struggle Finding Jobs and What to Do

by placers on July 3, 2018 in Workforce


Despite being upcoming, in demand generation shaping the world, millennials struggle to find reasonable jobs.  The unemployment rate amongst millennials currently stands at 12.8% which is high compared to the average national unemployment rate of 4.9%.

In the U.S., most workplaces expect millennials to acquire adequate experience to replace older generations in key leadership positions. Nevertheless, it’s not been a breeze for them.

Why Millenials Struggle Finding Jobs

Credit Scores

Often, bad credit score reduces the likelihood of getting a decent job. Most millennials fear credit cards and debt mostly due to the 2008 financial calamity. Some of them rarely monitor their credit scores. A low credit score displays a poor impression to prospective employers.


Recent research by Heartland Monitor Poll XXIII reveals that over 78% of adults believe that it’s hard for a millennial to build a prosperous career unlike in the past. This is primarily due to several factors including expensive college education, an unstable economy and broad skills gap amongst employees.

High Expectations and Overconfidence

Generally, most millennials are overconfident. Most of them are obsessed with fame that makes them have unrealistic expectations on the available job opportunities such as temp jobs. Usually, most of them are eager to start working at a high pay although they lack the necessary experience. When most millennials fail to get their desired job, they become hopeless and give up the job search.

Personal Focus

Millenials are generally associated with selfishness. Most of them have intense inward focus when searching for temp jobs. Typically, they talk about their education, their past and their expectations for a particular job.

It’s advisable to focus on an employment agency when applying for a job. Explain to them how you’ll help their business achieve goals. Most firms view recruitments as long-term investments. Furthermore, you need to convince them why they ought to hire you.

Inadequate Education

Recently, the Association of American Colleges and Universities published a report that shows most employers believe recent graduates lack vital workplace skills such as critical thinking, organization, and interpersonal communication. Most institutions of higher learning don’t teach such skills. Instead, students value theoretical studies. Moreover, many millennials think they are overqualified for basic jobs. Solution?

Ways Millenials Can Get Good Jobs

As a millennial, you can succeed in the current competitive job market in the following ways:

Meet employers’ needs

Avoid spending a lot of time talking about personal achievements and needs. Instead, develop a nice cover letter and resume. It’s highly recommended to tune your conversation on employers’ needs. Offer solutions to help them save money and solving their problems.

Develop your skillsets

A typical staffing agency is keen on applicants’ experience and skills. You can use inexpensive methods to develop crucial communication skills which are essential in a workplace. You can enroll in online courses or find reputable mentors.

Avoid being overly selective

When starting out a career, take any job opportunity available. Avoid having high expectations for a particular job. Start small, learn on the job, gain experience and grow fast.

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