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by placers on March 29, 2024 in Outside Insights


Every year at Placers we pick a theme that’s more than just a word – it’s our rally cry and our shared vision. Choosing our theme is a team sport that we all participate in by throwing different ideas into the mix. To help us brainstorm we consider key questions like: What do we need to be in the year ahead? What are our goals and what changes are needed for us to achieve these goals? Are we living our brand promise of being a coach to the workforce and a consultant to the businesses? Are we being competitive? Are we truly providing value?


A good theme can make all the difference. 


Take 2008 for example – our theme was a grand road trip. We were cruising along, dreaming of Florida’s sunny shores, and then… the recession hit. We found ourselves parked at a metaphorical truck stop in North Carolina for two whole years. Of course, we eventually reset and chose a new destination.


Jump to 2022, our theme was “Atomic Habits” – inspired by James Clear’s popular book of the same name. The idea? Improve just 1% every day, in every role we play. It’s incredible how those tiny gains add up, making a real difference in our lives, the lives of those around us and our communities as a whole. I dig into this topic and in the Nth Degree chapter of my book, Outside Insights. Check it out here!


2023 was a tough year for Placers when we had a senior leader pass away suddenly. Regardless of how good, strong or resilient your business is – a mid-market company feels this loss deeply. Like a rock skipped on a pond, the ripple effect never seems to end no matter how much you will it to. To guide us through, our team landed on the word “Be” as our 2024 theme.


More than a simple word, “Be” was about being present, being true to our values, and being ready to adapt. “Be” opened up new ways for us to think about who we are and how we move through the world. It’s about embracing change and finding opportunity in every moment.


When we operate under the spirit of “Be”, we are dynamic, we embrace change, we don’t fight to keep things as they are.


Consider the concept of “Be” against the concept of “Have”. To “Have” inevitably comes along with the fear of loss. But, life and business are dynamic and fluid – we can’t avoid change and thus can’t avoid some degree of loss. The concept of “Be” embraces this notion and, more importantly, calls on us to recognize new opportunities that may be hiding in plain sight through this loss.


So, what’s your word for 2024?


My word is ‘FOCUS.’ I need to keep “the main thing, the main thing”, as the saying goes.


I have a lot to give and like to explore new and creative programs, concepts and ideas. For me, “FOCUS” is about keeping an eye on the ball and paying attention to what is most important. This year, its guiding Placers along its next growth journey and simply making sure I take care of myself – self care, eating right, sleep and hydration are critical for me to run as hard as I prefer. At the end of the day, self care allows me to be there for those around me and do right things the right way.


Until next time, friends.


Our book is now available as a paperback, hardback, and Kindle on Amazon. We hope you will check it out here!

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