Opposite The Crowd – Chapter 1 – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #25

by placers on October 14, 2022 in Outside Insights


Culture driven is the philosophy of a planned way of thinking that guides your professional and personal life, according to Alan and Chris Burkhard, authors of “Opposite The Crowd.”

In their new book, the Burkhards deep dive into creating the culture-driven life you want, with no limitations, where risk is rewarded and where the results are game changing. Living a culture-driven life closes the gaps naturally between who we are and who we can be. It’s a thorough, complete, sophisticated approach to every single thing humans do.

In the audio version of the book, which is available soon, listeners gain value-based knowledge that leads to understanding the culture-driven mindset – a way of thinking that powers everything we do and combines career thinking with life thinking.

“Opposite The Crowd” is a series of impactful conversations about the worth of investing time for yourself to know who you are so you are prepared to withstand anything and everything that comes at you – professionally and personally.

Gain the freedom to create your own way of living. There’s no reason why work-life thinking can’t be the same as family-life thinking. They align. Why shouldn’t they? It’s all about culture and learning who we are.

COMING SOON: “Opposite The Crowd,” in audiobook format! Information about where to find it and how to order is forthcoming! Stay tuned! For your FREE audiobook, commit to writing a book review upon completion of listening. To receive your FREE AUDIOBOOK download code, let us know that you will review the book by clicking here.

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