My Life Would Be Incomplete Without…

by placers on June 24, 2022 in Outside Insights


Our Outside Insights community often discusses the importance of taking the time to reflect on where you’re at in life, the work that it took to get there, and how you feel about the journey. The next time you’re taking the time to reflect or journal, consider starting out with this prompt:

“My life would be incomplete without…”

When I sat down to reflect on this prompt, I immediately had that feeling you get when you narrowly avoid catastrophe. You know, the feeling you get when you tip too far back in your chair and have to catch yourself – the butterflies, the racing heart and perspiration and the fear. It’s hard to imagine the loss of something you really don’t think you could live without.

It’s not hard to get caught up in the endless loop of wanting what we don’t have or have yet to achieve. We live in a material world where getting a new car or our first house are often important steps in what we view as a “complete life”. Should I even mention money in general? Most of us work for it, fight and fret over it and then dream about how to get more of it. Money, to a point, makes life easier and can help us chase new experiences. But there really are things that money can’t buy.

When challenged to think about my life and what would make it incomplete the answers were obvious and stark reminders for me to stop and appreciate what I have – and that in the end, I really don’t need anything else.

So, here’s my quick list to get you thinking about yours. You’ll notice that some of these are a little different than what you might see on a similar list. I really dug deep to the core of what makes me a happy human.

My life would be incomplete without:

1 – My thinking mind and ability to always learn more: I’m always reading a few books at a time and meeting new people that I hope to learn and grow from. My ability to do this is a blessing that I could not imagine my life without.

2 – Hopes and dreams shared with my other half, Kim. My favorite thing to do is to take Kim to dinner and talk about our future together – whether it be a weekend plan, an upcoming beach vacation, a bucket list of experiences and places to see, you name it. I benefit from having a goal that I can channel my energy into for the future.

3 – My memories: To remember small gestures and moments like my favorite bird at the feeder, flowers in a vase, my dog’s trot or wiggly butt. I also remember sitting in the sandbox as a three year old, and my birthday parties that my mom put so much into, snowstorms and snow days, my favorite meal, or my first fill in the blank. My first day of Placers 9-11 happened – a terrible day, and a memory I will never forget.

4 – The recognition that I need to live in the present moment. This might sound contradictory, but while dreaming of the future and remembering the past, I also work very hard to be present in and grateful for the present moment.

5 – The basics that allow me to live a comfortable life: I have a roof over my head to shelter me. It’s not the mountain home I dream about but it keeps me safe, dry and comfortable. I have a car that gets me where I need to go and I have food in the fridge.

6 – Relationships: This one is a given. I am blessed to have meaningful ones: A life partner of 30 plus years, kids I am proud of, parents that I consider friends, lifetime childhood friends, hobby friends that hike and camp with me. To top that off, I have a company and culture that attracts good people that I generally love to work with. I could not imagine life without them.

In the end, I have no control of life – none of us really do. My life would be incomplete if I tried to control everything like I used to as a young entrepreneur. I have since learned I only control my mind and how I react to life’s events.

How about you? What would your life be incomplete without? I guarantee, spending even 10 minutes to create your own list, will help you want for less and measure what really matters.

I’d really love for you to share your list. Reply to this email with a few things you’d put on it.

Until next time friends, Chris.

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