How Can You Attract & Engage Contingent Workers?

by wpengine on November 4, 2014 in Staffing, Workforce


In a previous blog, we discussed the war on talent and how it affects both employers and employees. With contingent work on the rise, how can employers attract and engage temps to ensure the best experience possible on both sides?

With more open jobs than there are workers, it’s important to market your company and it’s culture to attract the crème de la crème. Some of the ways you can attract the contingent workforce are:

Build Your Culture. Your culture is the brand of your company and it is ultimately the most apparent aspect about your business potential employees notice. The way your company runs, from how you hire and maintain talent, to how you operate on a day-to-day basis, can either make or break a candidate’s decision to join your team.

Engage With a Great Approach. Your job posting is the first point-of-contact you have with candidates—better make it a good one! Think about the kind of talent you want working for the assignment you are posting. Ensure that the listing accurately represents your culture, your organization, and your brand. Market the position in a way so that the most qualified and skilled workers engage and seek further information.

Don’t Forget About Passive Talent. Contingent workers are incredibly busy. Many have assignments lined up well in advance so it’s important to remember to look for passive talent. If you find an all-star candidate that’s already on assignment, don’t hesitate! Who wouldn’t jump at the right opportunity if it showed up at their front door?

Once you’ve attracted contingent workers to your company, one significant way to keep them engaged is through incentive programs. Here are a few programs to get you started on keeping your temps engaged and active in the business:

Recognize & Acknowledge. Humans are social creatures, and as such, long to be accepted and validated. One way to inspire employees is to recognize and acknowledge their good work. A little public praise goes a long way when it comes to showcasing your temps and treating them the same way you would your full-time employees.

Paid Time Off. One of the most rewarding benefits you can provide your temps is a way to accrue paid time off. Talk to your staffing company about the different time off programs you can provide for your long-term temps who have earned the right. One personal day every once in a while does wonders for morale and incentive.

Full-time Employment Opportunities. Another significant incentive for contingent workers is the possibility of full-time employment once the temporary assignment is completed. Many are motivated to excel at the project if there is an opportunity to join the team full-time down the line. This can also highlight those who are cultural fits and those who really want to be a part of your company.

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