How Do You List an Employment Agency on Your Resume?

by wpengine on November 11, 2014 in Job Search Tips, Workforce


Many are turning to temporary positions to build their skillsets and hone in on new experience. However, it’s often difficult and frustrating to decide how to represent both the employer and the staffing industry on a resume. Here we have outlined several different scenarios with examples to help set you up for success when listing temporary assignments on your resume.

If you worked a single or long-term assignment through a staffing agency: Title, then employment agency. List the job title first if you worked a single temporary assignment through the agency to highlight your role to the hiring manager. Follow the title with the name of the staffing company in parentheses and the dates of employment. It should look like, “Office Manager (Placers) April 2014-November 2014.”

If you worked for an employer that is prestigious and/or an industry leader: List the name of the employee first to highlight the company, then put the name of the employment agency in parentheses, followed by your role and dates of employment. “Business, Inc. (Placers) Office Manager. April 2014-November 2014”

If you worked for several different companies through the same employment agency: Use the name of the staffing service first. Then list your job title followed by the dates of employment. “Placers. Office Manager. April 2014 to November 2014.” On separate lines, list each employer, the job description, and highlights for each positions. “Business, Inc.: Coordinated phone calls and directed emails to team members. Kept a detailed record of all invoices and managed accounts appropriately.”

Pro Tip: Do your research! Make sure you spell the employment agency’s name correctly. Also take note if the company is part of a larger organization. Use the name of the local company that you were on assignment with. This prevents accidentally using misleading or false information on your resume.

4 responses to “How Do You List an Employment Agency on Your Resume?”

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  2. Zora Eklund says:

    How Do You List an Employment Agency on Your Resume? | Placers is One of the Top Staffing Agencies in Delaware

    […]They’re going to keep in mind of all of the factors, as well as the best names while in the sector which may be utilized to offer parts, utility and providers.[…]

    • Placers says:

      Hey Zora!

      Great question! We suggest you list the staffing agency you worked for and next to that in parenthesis, the company you worked for through that agency.

      Ex: Placers (company name)

      We hope this was helpful!

  3. Zora Eklund says:

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