Finding the Ideal Temporary Job through Social Media

by placers on September 20, 2016 in Workforce


There are many options available to temporary job seekers in the digital age. From LinkedIn to Facebook, the modern staffing agency understands the importance of connecting with potential hires online. Due to the short-term nature of many temp jobs, using social media to find a temporary placement requires a slightly different strategy. Here are some of the best ways to use social media to land the ideal temp job:


When filling out your Facebook profile, be sure to include relevant past experience and limit personal information that could work against you in the job search. Many temp job applicants forget that an employment agency or hiring manager can comb social profiles for temporary hires in the same way they do with long-term job applicants. Many temporary staffing positions are filled through word of mouth, so you never know when a potential employer could look up your profile after a former colleague mentions your name. Facebook groups are another popular way to find temp jobs as there are many groups and pages dedicated to temporary job postings in specific fields. Many companies also put out a call for temporary work on their business Facebook pages, so you can find success by following relevant businesses in your industry.


LinkedIn is one of the top online destinations for employers seeking permanent hires and temp workers alike. Taking the time to fill out your LinkedIn profile with past employment information, contact information and an up-to-date resume increases the likelihood of landing a variety of temp jobs. Like Facebook, LinkedIn has a groups feature that allows employers to post listings for jobs and connect with potential employees. There are many groups dedicated to temp job postings, but joining general groups in your field of interest can lead to increased job prospects as well.


While Twitter is far from the first social media platform most job seekers think of when it comes time to find employment, temp workers can find unique opportunities on this fast-paced social network. Many business-to-business connections are made through Twitter as people prefer to hire within their social networks. Short-term editing jobs and work-from-home positions are among the  most common types of temporary work offered on the site. Facebook and LinkedIn groups tend to exist over longer periods of time and postings are more static. Twitter works at a rapid-fire pace, meaning that active users have a greater chance of seizing limited-time career opportunities. Follow Influencers in your field and make your presence known through helpful “at mentions” and replies to boost your chances of success.

Tips for Success

Staying engaged is the best way to ensure your success at finding a temp job through social media. When most people think of SEO, they think of webpages and search engines without realizing that social media profiles are indexed in the same way. Take ownership of your social profiles by optimizing them for temp hiring success with relevant keywords, professional photos and an active presence. Social media is a valuable tool for any job seeker, but especially for temp workers. Social media job postings tend to get snapped up much faster than listings on traditional websites, so it is essential to maintain updated profiles. Devoting just a few minutes each day to checking your Twitter feed or visiting relevant groups on Facebook or LinkedIn could help you land your next temp job.

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