6 Perks of Temping in 2016

by placers on August 23, 2016 in Workforce


Last month there were more than 2.8 Million temp workers throughout the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So why are so many people utilizing temporary work? After another strong month of Temporary workforce data, we’re revisiting this list of several short-term and long-term benefits of taking on a temp role to help shed some light on the expanding workforce!

1. Flexibility. If you opt for a temporary position with part-time hours or a flexible work schedule, you can have a more customized work/life balance and use your free time to do whatever you want!

2. Expanded Skill Set. Temporary positions often encompass various skills and roles; allowing you to learn more about diverse fields and how different companies operate, making you a much more qualified candidate for future positions.

3. Updated Resume. With those new skills you just learned, you can update and expand upon your resume, giving you an advantage against other candidates.

4. Foot in the Door. One way to get into a company you would like to work for full time is to come on board as a temp. Many companies bring impressive temp workers on full time once they can assert that it’s a fit on both ends. With job searching being highly competitive, proving yourself through a temp position is a great way to start your career path.

5. Network & Shake Some Hands. One of the greatest aspects of a temporary position is the exposure that comes with it. Take advantage of attending networking events and getting to know people. You never know what kinds of connections you’ll meet!

6. Career Path. Spending time fulfilling a temporary role can lead you to pursue different career paths or inspire you to enroll in graduate school. The experience can lead to many open doors and opportunities.

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