Utilizing a Staffing Agency May Save Time and Hassle With Direct Hire Services

by placers on August 16, 2016 in Staffing, Workforce


Hiring one or more new employees can be an expensive and time consuming task for any company. Companies that are overly pressed for the human resources required to find the perfect new employee(s) have the option to work hand in hand with an employment agency who can streamline the hiring process. Staffing agencies will handle the advertising for the position, review resumes, contact candidates and schedule interviews. The actual interviewing process can be outsourced as well. Details regarding your staffing needs such as the desired skill set, available salary and overall personality type you seek in an applicant give the agency more raw material to work with and increase the odds that you’ll be pleased with the final candidate.

Eliminate Advertising and Resume Sorting

Advertising for a position may feel like an overwhelming task considering the virtually unlimited number of resources to choose from. Staffing agencies are already well accustomed to posting new positions and have multiple, established channels for recruiting qualified applicants. In some cases, an agency may even have the perfect candidate waiting for a position to open up. Hiring a staffing agency eliminates the time consuming process of sorting through countless resumes in the hopes of spotting that perfect person based on how they represent themselves on paper (or the screen) alone. For a busy company or those just starting out, shifting the advertising and resume sorting responsibilities to a third party can mean the difference between success and failure.

Does Your Company Have an HR Person With Excellent Interviewing Skills?

Depending on the size of your team you may or may not have an in house HR person possessing excellent interviewing skills. Research has shown that asking a candidate the right questions will improve the chances of finding an employee who is a good fit for your company. Staffing agencies maintain one or more team members who are experts in the interviewing process. Weeding through the list of qualified candidates in the fields of human resources, customer service, technical/IT roles, legal positions, accounting, administration, marketing, communications and more is a skill that is perfected over time. An impressive resume alone will not make someone the perfect fit for every position. Taking into account the dynamics within each workplace and the general feel for the types of people your new employee(s) will be interacting with on a daily basis will help fill those empty spots with a candidate who possess both a stellar skill set and is complimentary to the other people on your team.

Is a Staffing Agency the Best Choice for Your Company?

Working with a staffing agency is often an economical choice for small companies lacking an in house HR specialist. Naturally, the more information you can provide regarding the nature of the role(s) you need to fill in addition to the general work environment of your company, the greater the chances that you’ll appreciate the candidate(s) the agency has located on your behalf. While hiring an agency is not the best choice for every business, it does provide an option that significantly reduces the hassle and stress involved with the hiring process.

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