50 Principles for Year 50

by placers on September 2, 2022 in Outside Insights


In a few weeks, on September 26, Placers turns 50 years old. This year isn’t like any other year – it’s not comprised of same days. We’re not stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day.”

In our fiftieth year, we’re having a distinct year, characterized by distinct days, and throughout, we remain resolute to our brand promise: consultant to businesses and coach to the workforce. It’s our constant in a world of variables.

We aren’t gloating about 50 years of experience. We humbly embrace our ability to adapt, anticipate, and exploit change for our customers’ advantage. Though the actual words of our brand promise have remained the same, living it has meant different things during different business cycles. Placers evolved by leading innovation in the staffing industry. We’ve always been dynamic – full of change – and always customer driven and focused. We have always had to evolve – out of customer necessity – to stay ahead of the curve.

We started as a local search firm, whereby candidates paid a fee for our services. At that time, it was the standard practice. Next, we were the first, Delaware, client-paid search-fee company (thanks to Dupont). That had become the new standard. After that, we transitioned into a national search firm. As time progressed, we introduced the first independent, temporary staffing firm in the state. 1987 ushered in another first: We rolled out onsite staffing, a program to manage our large number of temporary associates with larger banking customers. The succeeding version of Placers converted us to outsourced recruitment by managing other suppliers and their talent, which was the rise of MSP (managed service provider) and RPO (recruitment process outsourcing).

In the present, and with 50 years of firsts, we continue to launch innovation. Our newest customized, contingent-workforce strategy is integral to business success and continuation. It’s our Total Talent Solutions product that guides clients to their unique goals by providing a solid, contingent workforce model that meets each client’s specific requirements. It’s hybridized staffing and recruiting that meets/exceeds business’ needs, now and into the future.

In honor of a half a century of firsts, the Placers team collectively curated our most popular principles – including those of the Burkhards and their leadership culture. These principles may (or may not) resonate with everyone, and that’s OK. We want to start a conversation and a discussion. Which ones are your favorites? Help us celebrate our accomplishments and the joy they deliver.

1. See! Think! Act!
2. “Eat the Bullfrog.” In other words, do the hard things first. It sounds small, but when applied to business, people, or life decisions, it’s not. Big impact!
3. Ethics and value are everything.
4. Hard to get in; easy to leave.
5. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Be a whole person, and recognize it in others.
6. Being a servant leader is the only way that actually works. In business and in life.
7. Culture is key.
8. Leaders are learners.
9. Ask more questions, make less statements.
10. Don’t address disappointment the same day a person disappointed you.
11. Pay your people to plan.
12. Love people up or out.
13. Do the right thing and the money follows.
14. Leave a plus in the top right-hand corner of the imaginary 3 x 5 index card of everyone one you meet.
15. Outside-In: Run your business with your customer in mind.
16. Do you want to buy a duck? Stop selling them please.
17. “I’ve stopped searching for people who work exactly like me.” Different is good.
18. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever give up!
19. Radical openness: Lead through vulnerability.
20. Stop doing the urgent things. Do the important things.
21. Everyone is a leader.
22. Who needs a project?
23. Things happen for the best possible reasons.
24. F-Yeah or Hell No!
25. Work so you can let your people live epic lives.
26. If you don’t embrace change, you will fail.
27. To have what you want, you must know who you are.
28. There is always something you can do.
29. Give people a high standard to live up to.
30. Live as if you have died. (Every minute is bonus time.)
31. Look back at how you spend your time – this is you!
32. Do everything from the heart – sell, lead, parent . . .
33. No excuses. (No one ever made things better with an excuse. Fix it, tell the truth. and move on.)
34. Nothing negative said. Nothing negative heard.
35. Servant leadership, especially when times are hard. It’s easy to lead through action when it’s fun. Can you walk the walk through the personal and professional storms of life?
36. Lead from the front.
37. Be proactive not reactive. Say it! Plan it! Do it first!
38. Walk in someone else’s shoes before you react or respond.
39. Know your values and personal culture. Life is full of shiny objects that distract. Know yourself to stay the course.
40. Spend as much time on yourself and career as you do planning your vacations.
41. Be front door. Over share. Tell the truth.
42. Nothing happens without relationships. Have you earned the right?
43. What would your life be like if you woke up without limiting beliefs?
44. All are equal, we just play different roles.
45. Practice the 80/20 rule.
46. Delegation is helping someone else grow in skills and experiences.
47. To be a consultant, you must be a knowledge worker and be willing to educate and challenge your customers.
48. Create less rules. Create an environment for the 99 that do the right thing, not the one that doesn’t.
49. Trust – anything less is exhausting.
50. “I like it, so what’s next?” Always be ready to take things to the next level!

These are our 50 Principles – one for each each year. The hope is that they inspire you to develop your own. (You don’t necessarily need 50.) Most importantly, it’s critical to create principles and use them in your life. A principle is a guiding hand when life inevitably comes at you with fists. We would be flattered if you used ours – in whole or in part. If you have not started on a list, it’s time to start one for your ongoing, principle journey.

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