4 Tips To Prepare For A Video Interview

by on April 13, 2017 in Workforce


Employers are increasingly using video interviews to screen their applicants. With the major advancement in technology as well as software, the process of conducting interviews is changing. Video interviews can take two forms; the first option is by using popular video calling software to connect both the applicant and the employer. The second option is having a recorded video interview. Video interviews can be convenient for the applicant but they have to be prepared. Below are a few things that you should consider before the interview.


The last thing you want during your interview is having poor lighting that your interviewer cannot see your face. You also want to avoid a situation where the light casts shadows upon your face. If you are having the interview during the day, it is advisable to face the window so as allow natural light to illuminate your face. If the interview is being conducted in the night or in a room without enough natural light, you can put a light behind the computer.

Take a trial run with the technology

While most computers come with a camera it is important that it is well positioned. The ideal placement of the camera is at eye level. Typically the webcam will be lower than eye level meaning the candidate will be looking down. You can easily elevate the webcam raising the laptop using a shoe box or any other item. You should also put an effort in familiarizing yourself with the microphone and the webcam so you know how they work. Ensure that the video and the audio are clear and there will be no technical issues that can hinder the interview. If your interview is a recorded video interview, you may have the option to practice answering questions. If that is the case, practice, practice until you are comfortable.

Clear the Area

You might be tempted to think that the interviewer will just focus on your face but they will also see some part of the surroundings. Even though the employer will not care about the interior design of your background they do not want to see dirty dishes or empty pizza boxes in the background. What is captured in the frame should be complementary but not distracting. The room should be neat and not visually distracting. You should also avoid auditory distractions such as a crying baby or a barking dog. Many interviewees make the mistake of recording interviews in a coffee shop where there is a noisy background.


Have the video interview in a place you can speak freely

You want to be in a position where you are free to speak without worrying about what is in the background. You should avoid taking the interview in your current job since you will be forced to hide and whisper which can make the interview very awkward. Find some privacy away from any distractions where you can express yourself freely.
Even on video interviews, you want to look your best, they follow the same protocol as traditional in-person interviews. Make sure you dress to impress in business professional attire and you look sharp. Avoid fidgeting and playing around with your fingers or a pen.

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