Made in USA Push May Spur Delaware Jobs Growth

by on April 5, 2017 in Workforce


The stock markets have been booming. Record highs are commonplace based on expectations of tax cuts, deregulation and a renewed commitment to the Made in the USA brand. Some of the broad strokes for a pro-business environment are underway and all this bodes well for Delaware industries that could see significant growth. Many companies will seek help from an employment agency for temporary staffing and those jobs could lead to permanent work.

Dover Air Force Base

A deal has already been green lighted to produce F-35 fighter jets as well as an overall commitment to upgrading military aircrafts. Folks near the Dover base can expect an influx of modern machinery and additional personnel. All this requires technological training and the benefits of a surging base will undoubtedly have an economic uptick on periphery businesses and job creation. Area companies may quickly turn to a staffing agency to fill temp jobs as the landscape changes. The Dover Air Force Base has long been one of the state’s top economic hubs and it enjoys a positive forecast.

Automakers May Return

Perhaps the biggest blow to the American worker was automakers moving plants to other countries. Many of the trade agreements are being reviewed to return jobs to U.S. workers and car companies have already started re-investing. This could have a tremendous impact for people in Delaware. As many recall, the state was once home to sizeable manufacturing plants for General Motors in Wilmington and DaimlerChrysler in Newark. The call for Made in USA vehicles could restore thousands of jobs.

It’s A Chicken Economy

China has been trying to pluck American poultry jobs for years. The Asian superpower has been pressing the U.S. FDA to approve the processing of American-raised chicken and, naturally, sell it back to us. The move has been met with mild resistance until last year, when the FDA agreed China facilities met the standards. In the current environment, it’s unlikely this chicken move will be approved. That’s great news for Delaware workers on two fronts.

The state’s poultry industry has enjoyed steady growth due to efficiency and demand. Last year, it saw 4-percent growth. Industry leaders such as Delmarva alone increased contracts to family farmers by more than $3 billion in 2016. The poultry industry naturally feeds off local produce growers and buys about 100 million bushels of corn, soybean, and wheat each year. The banner industry has pushed industry wages up by 7.7 percent across the board.
The “buy American and hire American” climate will likely enhance the Delaware economy and jobs market in two ways. The potential to restore lost manufacturing plants appears possible. And, new policies are underway to protect the state’s jobs from foreign attempts to siphon them off. Delaware can take full advantage of the Made in the USA push. The state has a business-ready infrastructure and a hungry workforce poised to get the job done.

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