The War on Talent: Tempting the Temp

by wpengine on December 2, 2014 in Culture, Staffing, Workforce


In recent blogs, we discussed both the War on Talent and How to Attract & Engage Contingent Workers and shared how now more than ever, staffing firms and employers need to appeal to qualified candidates. The way in which you market your brand, as well as your clients brand, can either make or break your candidate’s desire to fill the position.

Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success with marketing your (and your client’s) brand in order to tempting the temp:

Know the culture. The culture of both your company and your client’s company is the one of the biggest deciding factors in a candidate’s decision to temp. Make sure you study and know every facet of your client’s culture so you can present it to candidates.

Communicate effectively. Communication is the best way to prevent any snags or iron out any kinks throughout the process of attracting, on-boarding, and maintaining new employees. Make sure that you consistently communicate to both your client and candidate to ensure that all of you are on the same page. Show both sides of the table that you are customer-centric and that you truly listen and are engaged in the entire process.

Reward & recognize. When building your brand, make sure that you are known as a company that recognizes and rewards all-star behavior and good work. Highlighting incentive and training programs is a great way to show that you’re a company invested in your employees and their success.

Your company’s brand and reputation greatly affects attracting talent and encourages them to return to fill other positions. If you market your culture properly and stay engaged with both you clients and your candidates, you’ll be sure to have success in filling positions and building a stellar notoriety.

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