Yes, There is a “Right Way” to Think – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #16

by placers on December 10, 2021 in Outside Insights


Yes, there is a “right way” to think…that “right way” just depends on the individual.

In Outside Insights, we often talk about defining your guiding values and understanding what your personal culture is. Society has guidelines for how we should act, the workplace has rules that we abide by to get paid, etc. But your personal values – those are ever-present in everything that you do. They guide every decision and inform every “gut feeling”. One of my guiding values is “Right Thinking”, a term coined by my father, Alan Burkhard.

Alan returns to Outside Insights as our guest for this week where he explains “Right Thinking” and how it’s benefited him in many facets of life.

For me Right Thinking acts as the map that helps me stay on course, that I am true to my purpose, and that it’s easier when faced with life’s challenges and opportunities if your foundation is figured out.

At its core, Right Thinking is the idea that, while there is often no black and white right or wrong, decision – there is a right way of thinking, and this way will help you reach the best decision for you. Right Thinking is about thinking and acting with integrity and in harmony with your personal values.

Because Right Thinking is informed by your own values – there is no one-size-fits-all definition. But, Alan does share how you can define your own version of Right Thinking and the benefits that you can see after doing so.

A lifetime entrepreneur, Alan ends this week’s podcast by stressing the importance of Right Thinking, or value-based thinking, for leaders. This is especially important on the heels of recent headlines where CEOs have seemed to forget that empathy is a vital component of leadership (and for a company’s bottom line).

After you listen to this week’s podcast, reply and let me know what you think about this life and leadership lesson from Alan. Do you have a personal philosophy for living or leading? Let me know and we might feature you within a future article. We’re always looking for other perspectives from our Outside Insights community!

Until next time, friends.

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