I keep landing temp jobs but I want a perm job

by placers on October 20, 2015 in Job Search Tips


Blog post by Outside-In® Team Member, Kelly Hocutt

Temp jobs are well-suited for some lifestyles. Some like the flexibility and others like temping with different companies for the variety. For some, contract jobs offer the best roles for their unique skill set. But sometimes, temp jobs seems to be the only jobs you can get.

Do you want a permanent, full-time gig, but can’t seem to land anything but contracted jobs? Don’t hang your head low and mope (or cry miserably in your desk chair) while working these short-term roles — use them to your advantage!

Many years ago when I was looking for my first job, I kept getting placements for few days or weeks at companies all over the city (I was in Boston at the time). While interested in marketing roles, I kept getting receptionist and administrative roles that I didn’t have much interest in. On my first few assignments, I was simply “getting through the day” and counting down the minutes until the work day was over. At least I was earning a paycheck and getting out of the house, I told myself. But all I wanted was something more consistent and reliable.

Then one day I realized that I was being given a very unique opportunity. Instead of sitting in my pajamas at home or in the library applying to jobs on the Internet, I was out and about in the middle of the action. I was meeting people and working in buildings full of people with jobs. When I realized this, I developed a new attitude about these temporary roles. I was quite literally getting “a foot in the door.”

After realizing this, I started to treat every day like a job interview. I began to talk to the people I met. I became more curious about each company and started asking questions. Once I changed my perspective, the days passed by a little quicker. No, I didn’t get offered a job at the next placement. But I did start networking and keeping my eyes peeled for the right moments to ask for an introduction or inquire about job openings.

A month or so later I was given a 2-week placement as a receptionist in a large, global publishing company. People started to take an interest in me after realizing the man that usually welcomed them each morning hadn’t been there for a few days. At first we would exchange niceties and after a few days people would chat with me for a little longer. After another couple days I heard about an opening on the marketing team and I asked for an introduction. I was introduced to an HR person and the hiring manager. Long story short, I ended up landing a permanent position on the regional marketing team!

If you keep getting short-term placements, don’t drag your feet. Even if the temp role itself is not a contract-to-hire opportunity — seize the opportunity as path for networking your way into the job you want.

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