5 Ways To Automate Your Job Search

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Looking for a new job can become a full-time job. It’s easy to spend hours staring at a screen, clicking and scrolling through job postings, only to find that the majority of them aren’t what you are looking for. Good news! Today, there are fresh ways to automate your job search so that the openings you really want come to you. With technology on your side, you can invest less time in searching and more in applying and preparing for interviews.


LinkedIn Open Candidate


The newest way to automate your job search is also shockingly simple to use. Launched in late 2016, LinkedIn’s Open Candidate feature helps you signal to recruiters that you are interested in new positions. According to a recent study, 87% of recruiters are using the social media platform, which makes this cutting-edge feature one of the most powerful ways to automate your job search.  To get started, just turn on the Open Candidate feature in the preferences section of your LinkedIn profile and complete some basic information, including the type of position you are interested in. Best of all, the feature alerts recruiters of your availability but maintains privacy on your LinkedIn page. This added layer of privacy allows you to advance your job search without letting your current employer know.


Glassdoor App


Currently, approximately 5,800 companies and organizations actively recruit talent through Glassdoor.  Downloading the popular site’s app smartphone app puts automated job searches at your fingertips.  The app not only allows us to search for jobs, it also sends you push notifications when new jobs meeting your criteria are posted. Even better, you can also apply for many positions directly through the app, which makes this tool a true time saver. The app also offers salary comparisons, reviews of organizations and company-specific interview questions, all of which can help prepare you for the interview and salary negotiation.


RSS Feeds


Searching job posting sites, such as CareerBuilder or Indeed, is one of the most popular job search methods.  Unfortunately, it’s also the most time-consuming.  Instead of performing the same searches on the same sites, day after day, sign up for a RSS feed reader, such as Feedly, and subscribe to the feeds of your favorite job search site. By subscribing to the RSS feeds on job search sites, you can receive daily results of your search directly to your RSS feed reader.


Craigslist Saved Searches


With over 1 million jobs posted on Craigslist each month, the site is a hotspot for employment seekers, but it can be challenging to wade through the ads.  Thankfully, the site makes it simple to have automated search results emailed to you.  The feature is so straightforward that it is often overlooked.  After searching the site, simply click the “Save search” option at the top of the page and then elect to receive results by email.  It’s as easy as that!


Build Your Network


Never fear; not all methods of automating your job search are tech heavy.  Often, the best way to bring job openings to you is simply to let people know you are looking and interested.  In the past, this meant building your network through word of mouth.  Today, social media allows you to grow your network on a much larger scale.  Friend, like and follow local industry leaders, acquaintances within your field and other movers and shakers. Then, start spreading the word that you are seeking a new position and share your resume. Be sure to ask your social media network to pass along job openings to you and keep your social media presence up-to-date and professional.
In addition to your personal contacts, working with a staffing agency, such as Placers, is a powerful way to build your network.  Dedicated staffing agents serve as a bridge between candidates and employers. Placers has up-to-the-minute information on direct hire, temporary and contract positions.  With a staffing agency team on your side, you can save both valuable time and energy on your job search.

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