2020: The Year You Refuse to Settle

by placers on January 10, 2020 in Outside Insights


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The start of the year holds so many feelings – gratitude after time spent with loved ones, perhaps a little melancholy as we settle back into the routine of things, and a hell of a lot of inspiration to make the new year the best it can be.

No matter what your unique goals are, there’s one guiding resolution that will help make all of them a reality – make 2020 the year that you refuse to settle.

We don’t often question the world around us. We accept the things we’re familiar with as “good enough” – we settle. We settle because we are busy, because we’re just trying to survive, because we don’t want to push the status quo. We settle because we don’t believe we have a choice.

I have refused to settle for years. I will not accept average performance from an employee, I refuse to avoid a difficult conversation, and I refuse to believe that I can’t lose weight, climb a mountain, etc. If you live life refusing to settle, your possibilities will be limitless.

Steps for not settling in 2020:

1. Take stock of your achievements. Open up a word doc and brainstorm wildly on 2019. What goals did you conquer? What went well for you professionally and personally? Did you travel to new corners of the country (or world)? Did you spend more time with your friends and family? Did you make an effort to prioritize your health or grow your savings accounts? Whatever your wins are – write them down.

2. Set new intentions and goals. Where would you like to see yourself at the end of 2020? There is no right or wrong answer – as long as there is movement. Try and set goals in all areas of your life – work, friends, family, self, finance, etc. These can (and probably will) change throughout the year, but you need a starting point – a compass that you can look to when the horizons get hazy. Revisit these goals often to ensure the “small things” you do every day are helping you reach your goals.

3. Reflect on your blessings each and every day. Write them down – even the simple and subtle things like the sunset or a smile from a stranger. I’ve found that a grateful life sets the tone for a productive life. All of the small wins throughout the week energize you and give you the momentum and confidence you need to set your sights on the big wins

4. Expect excellence – from yourself and everyone around you. Someone smarter than me shared that we are a reflection of the five people we spend the most time with. Surround yourself with people who value success (however they define it) as much as you do. This year, remember that you are empowered to stop and say “this isn’t good enough and I can do better,” while holding others to the same standard. If your boss could do a better job leading the team, discuss it with them (with tact, of course). Expecting excellence every single day will remind you never to settle.

I’d like to think of Outside Insights as a community of folks working to make each day the best it can be. We’re stronger because of our collective insights. I’d love to hear about your goals for the new year and what steps you’re going to take to ensure 2020 is your best year yet – let’s discuss! Reply directly to this email with any and all thoughts.

Now go out there and make today epic.

Until next time!

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