Your Contingent Staffing Consultant & Agent to the Workforce

Placers provides temporary staffing services and helps customers build and manage contingent workforce solutions. We take contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire staffing a step further, helping you see those individual contractor hires as part of the big picture of your people plan. To support the needs of businesses utilizing today’s workforce strategies and technology, the Placers team helps customers maximize the effectiveness and productivity of their contingent employees.

  • +Contingent Workforce Management
    If you have more than a handful of temps in the building, it’s time to get a strategic plan together for managing your contractors.

    • On-site services to provide retention and employee relations
    • Group time cards, online time and attendance
    • Custom Billing
    • Financial and operational reporting/Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Learn more about Placers Contingent Workforce Solutions | Payrolling Services

  • +Benefits of Placers Services
    Whether it is part of a company’s overall workforce strategy or an immediate need for a specialized skill, project resource or a contract-to-hire employee, there are plenty of reasons to consider staffing solutions:

    • Decrease Costs — reduce overhead and administrative expenses
    • Improve Productivity — keep staff challenged and deliverables on time
    • Increase Flexibility — react to peak periods or unexpected need
    • Avoid Employment Issues — Placers has employer-of-record responsibilities
    • Decrease Turnover — eliminate overtime and reduce employee burnout
    • Improve Quality of Hire — evaluate technical and cultural fit

Placers is an expert in workforce planning and if you are looking for a strategic option we can help – and you can expect us to make staffing simple for you.

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