About Placers

Our Story

Placers provides flexible staffing solutions to help you manage your temporary workforce strategies. We place temps and manage contingent workforce programs.

Our story began more than 40 years ago when the original Placers was launched by our founder’s father, Alan Burkhard. In 2011, we brought Placers staffing back in response to market demand for temp staffing services. Our legacy and our unique culture are what make people smile. People remember Placers first walk around the block and exclaim, “Oh, I remember Placers! They helped me start my career.”

Placers, then and now, stands out with our Customer Centric approach to business and commitment to providing Service to the Nth Degree. Fundamental principles of Outside-In® like these were developed and fostered at the original Placers. And today, those values live strong throughout all of the Outside-In® Companies.

We continue to spread smiles through our consultative, customer-centric approach to providing contingent workforce solutions. We share our knowledge with customers in building customized solutions to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of their contingent employees. And we are agents to the workforce, enabling today’s worker to be confident, adapt well to change, and embrace being a knowledge worker!

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