When Direct Hire Is Your Answer

by wpengine on December 17, 2013 in Staffing


At Placers, we hear it everyday from small business customers: “I don’t have the resources or skills to hire. And we don’t seem to balance time, cost and the quality very well either.” To most of the world recruiters are those corporate people in Human Resources that guilde you through the process and steps to hire from within or outside the company. Or many think of the headhunter image. There is nothing wrong with that image. A headhunter is that consultant who knows the market, your industry, and the talent – all of which can be incredibly valuable. The Outside-In® Companies do a lot of this work.

hire-freedigitalphotosBut, what do you do when you really don’t need all that service and expertise, and rather you need job(s) filled fast but done right? When you need qualified candidates en mass lined up to interview on Monday and you wish your only role as the customer is to choose the one that fits your opening and whether the talent fits your culture. Direct Hire is hiring made easy. (Think easy button!) Direct Hire is hiring relatively fast. Direct Hire is when you don’t have HR available (for whatever reason, perhaps you don’t have it or they doing higher value work!).

Direct Hire is a stripped down version of what the market calls search. And for this, speed is your friend. And all of this impacts your cost! Not a believer yet?

Placers helped a call center hire 300 customer service reps in 30 days by finding talent and lining them for interviews with a local communications company. All at $600 a pop! That is a lot of volume and work in a short period of time.

However, direct hire does not always need to mean volume hiring. It also works for one accounting clerk, or two help desk people… or even three assemblers.

So challenge Placers to live its promise! We believe in creating direct hire solutions that accomplish your hiring needs, in the right way, quickly, and I bet a whole lot cheaper than you think!

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