What the Heck is Company Culture Anyway?

by wpengine on November 14, 2013 in Culture, Outside-In®


Guest blog spot by Caitlin Olszewski, Communications & Design Coordinator

Before you read this article, you should know that I use the term “crazy” with the utmost respect and a level of genuine appreciation that is not standard. I believe that the craziest minds are the most innovative, the craziest experiences are the most memorable, and the craziest people are the most inspiring.

That being said, my year-long employment here at Outside-In® Companies & Placers has been the craziest work-related experience of my twenty-something life. As my first “big kid job,” I was expecting to actually iron my clothes, do the humdrum 9-5 thing, and be completely boring and miserable. Then I realized it didn’t have to be that way! At Outside-In® Companies, we play hard, but we work harder. We take our work seriously, but we like to take ourselves less seriously.

1240340_10151647416688335_1657043875_nFounder & CEO, Chris Burkhard, once donned a bathrobe over his work attire and walked through the office proclaiming the Lebowski-ism, “The dude abides!” It may seem silly to the outside world, but in the Outside-In® world, abiding means being more Trusting, more Team-Based, and more Open Book. This action brought attention to three of our cultural values in a creative, fun, and unforgettable way.

As a job seeker, I had never even thought about culture when I was searching for a company to begin my career path. My ideal work environment wasn’t a priority until I was asked about it during an interview (spoiler alert: I got the job) and realized that people matter more than perks. Culture is often defined as the “secret sauce” to the success of a business, so it is intrinsically important for both the employee and employer to share the same ideas and values. At Placers, we provide both our clients and candidates with mental reassurance by guaranteeing that there is a cultural fit on both ends. A happy employee is more productive and creates progressive work, leading to a satisfied client.

Company culture has become an increasingly popular subject amongst businesses across the board as they realize its infinite value. Companies like Google, Zappos, and Twitter have credited their success to their strong company cultures, and have sparked inspiration for other businesses to live more colorfully. At this point you may be wondering, “How does culture help my company? How can Placers help me find my cultural fit?”

Well, believe it or not, a strong company culture can have a significant impact on all aspects of your business; to the point that many companies have paid for the statistics and science behind it. Culture affects the happiness all three of your customers; employees, clients, and vendors.

1454583_10151815374673335_1296566295_nWith our Open Book value, employees have access to all company information and meetings. This allows for alignment across the board and gives employees the opportunity to speak up and take initiatives. In a creative environment, employees are more likely to innovate and take positive risks. It is in this type of office that employees thrive and understand that their input is valuable no matter what role they are in. When employees are appreciated and frequently acknowledged they know that their work is making a difference—this is what motivates them to live up to their full potential.

Countless statistics support that the service a company provides its clients is significantly impacted by the overall happiness of its employees. When employees are culturally fulfilled, they extend their company’s values to their clients and provide what we like to call the Outside-In® experience. You know that phrase “go the extra mile?’ Well, we like to run the extra marathon. Happy employees strive to make their clients just as happy, if not happier, than they are.

All in all, it means the happier your employees, the better service your clients receive. This ultimately leads to an improving and growing business that breeds intrapreneurial and innovative employees who shape the culture and direction of the company. Placers lives these values every day and strives to change the societal norm of stuffy corporate culture, providing both employers and job seekers with peace of mind.

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