The Recruiter’s Dozen: 12 Resume Tips to Kickstart Your Job Search

by wpengine on July 15, 2014 in Guest Post, Job Search Tips, Workforce


Guest blog spot by Outside-In® Team Member Caitlin Olszewski

Writing your resume for the approval of a hiring manager can always be a frustrating challenge. At Placers, we are often sought after for job application and resume advice. We’ve put together this carton of tricks and tips to take your resume from scrambled to sunny-side up.

  1. Read and re-read the job description. Are you a good fit for the position? Read the job description carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements and would be a viable candidate for the position.
  2. Stay focused. Keep your resume clear, concise, and tightly focused on the job you are seeking.
  3. Market yourself. Think of your resume as a representation of your own personal brand. Market it with strong words and a clean, crisp design that makes you stand out.
  4. Action words speak louder. Use actions words such as executed, administered, and directed when describing your accomplishments.
  5. Put your best font forward. Don’t get crazy or kitschy with fonts. (I’m talking to you, Comic Sans and Papyrus.) Stick with appropriate fonts like Arial or Times New Roman.
  6. Keep it short & sweet. Try to keep your resume to one page if possible. Multiple-page resumes often drown in a sea of candidates navigated by recruiters and manager sailors with short attention spans.
  7. Know the lingo. Use industry keywords and phrases within your resume to attract the experts and put you a cut above the rest.
  8. Make sure it can be copied. Chances are, your resume will be copied and scanned quite a few times while it makes its way to key industry players. Print your resume on 20-24 lb. paper to ensure that it copies clear and sharp.
  9. Wear your heart on your resume. Low on work experience? Be sure to list volunteer work.
  10. Brag a little. List all associations, memberships, and relevant awards.
  11. Habla Español. Knowing another language is what could put you a step ahead of another bueno candidate. Don’t forget to include any knowledge of other languages!
  12. Impress in 10 seconds. The “10 second test” is a term recruiters often use to describe how quickly they can tell if you are a good fit for the job or not based on your resume. This ain’t their first rodeo—grab the recruiter or manager’s attention and retain it using the above steps to find success in your next job search.

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