Success Tips for The New Temp

by placers on March 17, 2015 in Job Search Tips, Workforce


So you’ve landed a temporary assignment and want to make sure that you make the best impression. We’ve compiled this list of tips to help your survive your first week as a temp and improve your chances of being asked to stay on assignment longer or even permanently.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early every day. Arriving to work early is a trait of a highly-effective employee and will help you achieve success during your assignment. Showing your vested interest in the company will only aid you if you are up for consideration in extending the assignment or being on boarded full time.

Prepare to be flexible. Often times, temporary workers are asked to do a myriad of various tasks across the board. This could mean arriving early, staying late, or even some light/local travel. Remain flexible with your schedule so you can share your enthusiasm for your role and your desire to be a part of the team.

Observe the people and the culture around you. Find out what the company values are and what the overall purpose of the organization is. See if the company website lists a mission statement or a stated goal/purpose. In turn, through observing the office environment and the employees around you you can learn if you fit in with the company culture or not.

Ask for more tasks. Complete all tasks delegated to you efficiently and in a timely manner. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to do something. Always ask how you can help and constantly be looking to expand your current skill set. Helping across the board is a great way to learn all aspects of the company and help build your knowledge.

Follow up with the staffing agency for feedback. The best way to improve is to receive constructive criticism well and learn from it. After assignments, be sure to follow up with your staffing agency to see if your employer provided any feedback on your work during your time at the company and apply that to your next temp assignment.

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