2022: The Year of Trying Sh*t – Outside Insights Podcast Episode #18

by placers on February 18, 2022 in Outside Insights


Greg Star is part of a dynamic team and co-founder of Carvertise, a nine-year young advertising business that offers a unique channel: ads on cars. Greg, along with his partner Mac, have been a shining example of hard work, trial and error, sheer will and grit. Greg and Mac simply get stuff done. They experiment, learn fast, scale and then fail, learn and grow some more. They went from a seed of an idea formulated as college students at the University of Delaware to a firm that now has a presence in major markets nationwide.

Today, Carvertise is an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company, with over 1,000 branded vehicles currently wrapped in campaigns for brand partners such as Netflix, 7-Eleven, WaWa, DraftKings and Buffalo Wild Wings. Brands like the exposure and visibility and a database of over 500,0000 drivers can get paid to wrap their cars and drive. Today, Carvertize continues its scaling journey and is well on its journey to becoming a mid-market company juggernaut.

One of my favorite aspects of Greg and Mac is that they share their story out loud for others to learn and be inspired from. All of Delaware, from government officials, entrepreneurs, service providers, friends, whomever, wildly cheers them on. Secretly, I think many people wish they could trade places and live their life for a day. To feel the rush that comes from taking risks and celebrating the pains and joys of entrepreneurship.

I first worked with him while I was the Chair of Junior Achievement (JA) of Delaware and Greg was developing new markets for JA services. And like Carvertise, he learned quickly, took action and got stuff done. Greg had built relationships in a new marketplace and had learned to understand key issues local businesses were facing all while offering JA as a possible solution. Cecil county still uses JA in the classroom today. Keep in mind, at the time I personally had been trying to get JA in classrooms for years and years. I consider Greg a friend and was honored that he shared his insight with our community in my latest Outside Insights podcast.

As you give our conversation a listen, you will hear in Greg someone who has achieved and quickly learned alot about human relations and business. Listen to learn:

– The key lessons Greg has learned while growing a business
– How he views failure
– How building and maintaining relationships is key to success
– A new perspective for navigating the lean startup years, growth years, scaling pains.

Folks, Greg’s honesty in sharing his life challenges give me hope that every year should be the year to try sh*t. Crazy ideas that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the time or resources to make it happen. Challenge yourself to make it happen anyways. Outside Insights helps you close your gap by hearing how other mere mortals have done it, and Greg has closed more gaps than most people do in their lifetime.

All of us will know Carvertise some day.

Until next time friends,


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