Have a Gap in Employment? Temporary Assignments Can Help

by placers on October 18, 2016 in Workforce


There are several reasons for leaving the workforce. Most people immediately think of raising a family. While that’s certainly an extremely common motivator, there are other life situations that may compel you to step away from your profession for a number of years.

Military spouses that move every few years, and often overseas, may find it difficult to continue with their careers. With our increasing aging population, more adult children find themselves staying home to care for elderly parents. You may have dedicated your time to charities and volunteer opportunities or opted to travel long term.

So how can you utilize a staffing firm to help reenter the workforce?


Don’t be unprepared. Depending upon how long you have been away, the job market may not be as you remember. A resume and a cover letter simply might not cut it during your job search. Social media can be especially helpful, as you will need an online presence, and networking is a valuable tool for identifying potential opportunities. An excellent resource for reentering the job market is a temporary staffing firm, who can market your experience and profile to their clients who need help filling open roles.


A staffing agency is in the business of successfully matching job candidates with employers. To this end, a staffing firm can conduct a preliminary interview to determine what skills are possessed and where the candidate might possibly be a fit. This is extremely beneficial for someone who has been away from the job scene for some time, where he or she can develop interview skills, and obtain advice to transition back into full-time work.

Obtain More Recent Job Experience

A temporary staffing firm is an effective way of dealing with gaps on a resume. Employers who utilize temporary workers are far more open to bringing on employees who have longer gaps in employment. For them, the risk is minimal. If a candidate doesn’t work out, they typically ask the agency for a replacement. This allows a candidate to build up a resume with current work experience that will be helpful down the road when looking for more permanent, long-term employment.

During temporary assignments, candidates are learning and developing new skills. On-the-job training is a great way to make yourself more marketable and valuable to an employer. Additionally, partnering with a staffing firm can also lead to a long-term relationship; with strong performance, a temporary employee will be on the top of the list for future opportunities once the current assignment ends.

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