Finding Peace in Chaos

by placers on July 24, 2020 in Outside Insights


This Laguna Beach house was spared in 1993 from devastating fires due to its construction and landscape design.

Here’s the truth, friends – I have a war in my mind that gets fought every day.I am going to bet that I am not alone.

2020 seems to have done this to me and to most people I know – probably even you.

We are in a constant state of angst, recharged with every new worry – illness, injustice, civil unrest, economic trends…murder hornets.

Too much, too often, 24/7 – and I struggle to set the realities of it all aside. But I do. We all can.

January 2020 held a lot of ambitious goals – now, one goal matters much more than others: your mental health.

If you’ve been neglecting that anxious voice inside your head – now is the time to hit pause. To find peace in the chaos. To put your needs above the daily “fire drills” for a moment, a day, a week – however long you need. Because when it comes to overcoming the challenges of 2020, you need to be all there.

I’ve always found peace by venturing someplace sacred to my family or me. Saratoga with my dad. Ocean City or Wildwood with my grandparents. Block Island with my wife. Today, with travel being limited, I am exploring finding peace anywhere.

Humbly, I’d like to share how I am finding peace – how I bargain for a truce when the war in my mind won’t cease.

– I walk my Aussie Shepherds, Ziggy and Gracie, every single day, rain or shine. The three of us get exercise while I put on Audible. By doing this, I literally walk off my anxious thoughts in a matter of minutes.

– I accept the fact that I can only control my mind and my actions. Things happen. Sometimes, those things really suck. The meaning and power of external events rests entirely on how we react to the situation. As a young entrepreneur, I had the audacity to believe I could bend the Placers universe to my liking. I wasted years trying to control things that I would never be able to – people, situations, economic trends.

– I’m more thoughtful and planned with my time and who I spend it with. The world is full of noise, and I get to be the gatekeeper of what I let in.

– I’ve established an intentional routine that I try to follow every day. While our “new normal” has become synonymous with less face-to-face interaction and more sweatpants than jeans – an effective routine helps add structure to an otherwise chaotic world.

– I read or listen to an audiobook. I do this to briefly grant myself an escape into a new world, to learn, to grow, to find peace.

If we look to history, we can see that humankind has always faced challenges – disease, famine, war. The universe is not fair, nothing is promised, and things rarely go as planned. While that may sound harsh, it’s important to remember. When the world is on your side – keep working hard to protect yourself. Prepare for all variables. Likewise, don’t get down when you’re having an off day, week, or year (looking at you, 2020). This too shall pass.

I plan on exploring the topics of stress management and finding inner peace in the coming weeks. What works for me may not work for you or the next person – collectively, we can all learn a lot from one another. I’d be honored to share your ideas and experiences within an upcoming Outside Insights.

So, tell me, how are you finding peace in the chaos?

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